Friday, February 5, 2010

Wait for it....

We all have those wait for it times.

Friday night is my weekly wait for it time. Ah Friday night! I don't have to go to bed at any particular time and I don't have to get up at any particular time on Saturday morning. And then I don't have to leave the house, either. Ah..... the promises of Friday night.....

I don't know who the Condors are - oh my, my stupidity is showing - but I like the saying and the photo (google images thank you very much).

I have a weekly wait for it time and a yearly one, too.

The yearly one is spring - all the green and the flowers and the life! Ah...the smells the sounds the exultation....

I also have a daily [gender specific] wait for it time. A time that is so luxurious that I feel joy just thinking about it.

I'll share mine with you if you share yours with me.

What is your daily wait for it time?

Morning coffee brewing?

Getting the paper or the mail?

Weigh in and we'll share..........


  1. From the style of lettering, Condors looks like a type of soda.

  2. i love the top dog. the bottom dog is no slouch either.

    i'm waiting for the biscuit and wiener to be tossed into the air and eaten.

  3. I think I feel that anticipation...that wait for it-ness the most as I am walking up the stairs to my apartment after work. It is the best feeling just coming home.

  4. My daily wait for it time, is Miller time.
    Which has morphed into Michelob Ultra time.
    This will show my age:
    "When it's time to relax
    We've got the beer
    Miller beer
    Miller tastes too good
    to hurry through."


  6. Love the dogs. I had one that could do that trick. My wait for it moment is quarter to three on school days. That's when I get to go home from work. My occasional weekend one is when I get to hit the road and get the heck out of Dodge for better things. Big grin.

  7. dmarks - soda os good. sometimes i really like me an orage soda :-)

    billy - you're gonna have to wait - i have not seen any photos of the buscuit or hot dog being eaten. i will investigate, however.

    laura - my non gender specific moment is a lot like your moment - it's when, on my drive home, i get off the freeway and take the bridge back over the freeway and know that i am truly on my way home....ahh..the sweetness of the moment!

    texla - a moment to wait for - the sweet oat soda - the fizz the release - ah i understand. and where did you find the condor clip? thank you for continuing my education ;-) Sorta a 5,6,7,8s meet The Village People in Japanese.

  8. So, thank you all for contributing - now I will share my gender specific, unless you are George Costanza's father, daily wait for it moment - it's when I take my bra off and put on my pajamas at the end of the day. Ahhh....

  9. gender specific? what experience would that be exactly? Oh, wait, it would help to read above...

    hmm... I don't know actually. if it implies anticipation, perhaps baking something I know is going to be good because I've made it before... mmm... banana bread....

  10. You won an award, over on my blog. Sorry no cash or prizes.

  11. billy - oh hee haw, bill nye the science guy, you are sooo funny! i seriously doubt the poor dog above will ever get the wiener, but p'headro can like his!

  12. texla - an award? oh my! that got me to sign in!!! i'll be over to check it out in a moment!