Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday is Right Before Friday

Back when I worked food service, I noticed that Thursdays were quite busy, as was the bar I frequented. With a frenetic manic energy.

Couple Thursday with full moon and you get today.

So there you go!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the Radio

I was listening to NPR on my drive home, as is my habit, and there was a story about the Catholic Church and blogging.

Did you know that that the Pope has a Facebook account?

Apparently the Church thinks that Jesus would blog if He were around now.

So I tried to find a picture of Jesus blogging on Google images.

This is what I came up with -

First, there is the Jesus mouse pad.

Then there is the cute little sketch of a hairy guy with a computer.

And finally, the very disturbing -

So, what do you think?

Would Jesus blog?

Would Jesus use a laptop?

Would it be an Apple?

Monday, January 25, 2010

One Hundred

This is my 100th post!

We have big 100th day celebrations at school - I suppose that it helps the youngsters count. And counting is so important. If you can't count, you can't do any rithmatic.

So there you go!

I have nothing much to share, no great revelations, nothing funny or sad to say.

Hey did you see the last Conan? I really enjoyed it. I liked that he encouraged his fans to not be cynical. He said that if you are kind (and I think he said work hard) amazing things will happen.

I also really enjoyed the last song with Will Ferrell singing and cow bell-ing. The singing went too long and the cow bell-ing was too short, but you can't have everything! I tried to get it off YouTube to share with you, but NBC has blocked it :-(

I noticed that Will was wearing a belt by Dru - we used to live down the street from him (Dru, not Will) - he wore bike pants and liked to rope my children. Boy oh boy, those were the days! (Sounds really bad now, doesn't it?)

One day Dandu came home with a rope burn around his neck. He doesn't remember that, but he does remember running around and getting roped by Dru. Hold See was best friends with Dru's little son, Nicky. (A tad bit off topic, but important none the less.)

Belt by Dru

He also made saddles and said we should get the kids registered with a tribe (my husband is 1/8 Indian and so the boys are 1/16 and still eligible for special stuff - like free dental). (My husband has researched and researched to try to prove his Indian heritage - but it was a shameful thing back in the day and no written records of a tribe exist :-( ) (If it were me, I'd find a tribe that would take me, but he's not me and vice-versa.)

Well, I guess I can find something to say, even when there is nothing to say! I guess that's why I now have 100 posts under my belt!

Ho ho ho!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It Sure is Warm in Here

So my friend at work read my last entry, was horrified that we did not have the heat on, worried about Joe-Ash in his snowboard jacket and gave me money to buy propane - also she loaned me an electric heater. (I will repay the loan and return the heater.)

Joe-Ash is gone this weekend, but P'Headro (and the rest of us) certainly are enjoying the heat.

P'Headro and Titus (blue) and Squeaky (green) enjoying a moment in front of the electric heater.

(Laura B. please note the James Brown hamster in the background!)
Please don't worry about the toys Barbara - we moved them away. No fire hazards here.

Peddy has been hanging out by the heater when he's not in some one's lap.....

The little orange spot on Chloe's (formerly Toothy) lap is P'Headro.

So, don't tell me blogging doesn't bring results. I actually thought nothing about freezing my family until the first of the month, but my friend at work was horrified.

This brings up many issues on all kinds of different levels, but let me say officially "Thank You Barbara! We are toasty and warm and quite content."

(I actually don't even have socks on - which does seem a bit wasteful, but there you go - warm and toasty.)

When Joe-Ash gets off the train and comes home, he will have a warm spot to come to. I bet he will even take off his snowboarding coat!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Rain Rain Rain

P'Headro chewing on his extra small sweater (which is too big and pinned at the top so it won't fall off).

P'Heado licking his chops.

P'Headro, just being cute.

P'Headro on Joe-Ash's lap.

So here is my, stress, and more work.

Money worries (won't turn on the heater because the propane tank is on 10% and there is no money until next month).

Pouring rain, lots of wind.

If I were a drinking person, I would drink a bottle of wine.

If I were a smoking person, I would smoke a pack.

If I were a running person, I'd run a marathon.

P'Headro is great, though. As you can see above. (Even though his little coat smells like pee.)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So, as I told you a while back, I decided to get a Chihuahua puppy from a friend who had 4 puppies.

(OK, she didn't have the puppies, her Chihuahua Lady did.)

I went down to So Cal after Christmas and picked him up.

Here he is with his pack of origin.

Here he is with Rain River and one of his brothers, Chocolate.

Here he is on his own in Aqua Dulce (before I picked him up to bring him home - we do not have grass - so you will probably never see another picture of P'Headro on grass).

And here is precious P'Headro on Kimi's lap, here at home in Auburn.

He's a little cute cuddle love bug everybody wants to hold. Right now he's sleeping on my shoulder between my PJ's and my robe.

And here he is on Callie's dog bed (which she does not use and never will use now that P'Headro often runs to it in excitement, piddling along the way). Kimi's husband Caleb (of Mildrid fame) took this pic and put it on my Facebook wall.

Thems the haps around here.