Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday is Right Before Friday

Back when I worked food service, I noticed that Thursdays were quite busy, as was the bar I frequented. With a frenetic manic energy.

Couple Thursday with full moon and you get today.

So there you go!


  1. What is up with that? Are people frantically preparing for the weekend? Getting in their good weekday time? Hm. Well, in any case, have a great weekend :-)

  2. They use to call it "Thirsty Thursday" in Norman, but that's a big college town. Last chance to party here before going home for the party. I use to work in a mental hospital, the few days leading up to the full moon were the very worst, the full moon was still bad though.

  3. Ha! I am terribly late to this party. "They" say that the full moon has nothing to do with anything. "They" are wrong. As for Thursday... it marks that "I cannot wait for Friday" frenzy.
    I understand the need to get there.

  4. texla - thirst and thursday and college all seem to go together! many babies decide to get born around the full moon, too! crazies and babies (and everyone else) get active when there is so much light in the night sky and gravatational pull on the rock we call home. i guess it's good and bad, all rolled up into one. kinda like my life. hum

  5. ananda - don't worry about being late. hey - it's my party and I'M late! THEY are full o' shite most of the time - ey?