Sunday, March 28, 2010


Chem trails - What will the kooks come up with next? (And to think that Wikipedia would lie to me.........) Sheesh!

Chem trails.

I happen to believe that something is being sprayed on a large scale basis to counter-act the greenhouse effect of our addiction to petrochemicals. (I do not believe in the alien theories and I sure hope they are not trying to de-populate us.......)

It really really upsets me that the powers that be are spraying crap into the air we breathe (that falls onto the ground where we plant our food and into the water we drink) and NO ONE is doing anything to stop it.

Not even Henry Waxman.

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

But then I get distracted by the TV or my financial affairs or a shiny object or have a seizure and forget about.

This is one crazy world that we live in.

Crazy I tell you!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Finger From the Sky

Oh wow! What a week!

One of the many meetings I set up this week was going very well. Very well indeed.

All things were in place and ready to go. Everyone was happy. Very happy.

And then, to quote one of the participants, it was as if a finger came down from the sky and caused a hurricane.

The classroom teacher basically burst into tears.

This is what the room looked like when it was all over.


It was a very upsetting meeting that caused a very upsetting day.

I could not imagine getting over the horror of it, ever, but really, it was just a meeting.

The next day was just another day.

There you have it - a highlight of my week!


This next week I am going to be home, as in not at work. Yay!

Doing something, not really sure what, though. Not yet.

Today I am leaning towards painting the living room, dining room and stairway.

I'll let you know!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Life is Grand - Life is Large

It is very spring here. Pollen everywhere. Light green everywhere else.

Busy week at work - I was observed teaching today -

I prepared a great lesson, technology dependent - and when I got to work, the computer would not communicate correctly with the Promethean board (type of interactive white board).

I went to one teacher a borrowed a new connector.

That did not work, so I went to another teacher and told her I needed help. (It is hard for me to ask for help, but I had to get the technology working.)

She disconnected all the wires and restarted the computer and it worked.

I did all those things, but not in the same order.

That was before the day even started, but it all worked out okay.

I survived the observation. Yee haw! Dodged another bullet ;-)

Wrote 2 reports today for 2 meetings tomorrow. Two more meetings on Thursday - reports for those, too, need to be done. And another one Friday - that report is already written, but not the goals. I have not written the goals for any of the meetings.

Sheesh I better get on that.

Deep sigh.

And then Spring Break!

I am so grateful!!!!!

Yard work, house training P'Headro, my birthday, Easter.........

So that's my projected two weeks in a nutshell.

What 'cha got planned?

Friday, March 19, 2010


Here is P'Headro, who pretty much rules my life when I am at home.

As in , "Oh, I don't want to get up yet, cuz I'll have to take P'Headro out in the dark to go potty."

Or, "Crikey, he went poo on the floor and Joe-Ash stepped in it and now I have to scrub it out of the carpet."

Or, "I sure do love that little guy. He makes me smile. Everybody loves P'Headro."

What else have I been up to you may wonder.

Well, pretty much just being overwhelmed and hiding out.

But there is nothing like an award being dangled in front of me to get me out of hiding. A silly little nod. I was going to say piece of paper, but it's not even that.

Anyway, thanks to Texla for coaxing me out of hiding.

I also have been ruminating about A Serious Man,

the latest by my Ditkas, the Coen Brothers. Gosh I love those guys.

We saw it a few months ago, and I have been brooding about sharing my thoughts since then. I love the Coens crazy-like (hence my name - really it all ties together), but I fear that anything that I write about the movie could be interpreted as anti-Semitic. I love the Coens so much I pray for them when I pray for all my family. They actually come way before my brother who lives in So Cal on my prayer list. Which they (my brother and the Coens) could be upset about, I suppose.

Anyway, my husband is in the background yelling at his friend on the phone about Ronald Reagan, taxes, civil servants, our whole standard of living going downhill, yadda yadda, Wall Street bailout, yadda yadda, (which reminds me of my father ranting and raving at the dinner table about the USA being the new Roman Empire and going to hell in a hand basket) and I am totally unable to even formulate a coherent, let alone accurate, reporting of my thoughts on A Serious Man, so suffice it to say that

1) I must be a bit ADD

2) A Serious Man was good and deserves comment


3) My husband rants and raves and sometimes even rants and raves about ranting and raving.

More later. More later.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can You Believe It?

After not blogging for over a month, I got an award!

Is this a great country or what?

I would like to thank my friend Texlahoma over at BlueBeerRiver for the nod. I'm a total fan of his, and I guess that he enjoys my blog, too!

I would like to nominate my forever friend (okay, 30 years mas y menos) Ananda Girl over at oodles of funch for being a trooper, a true friend and a heck of a writer. She keeps on writing no matter what's happening in her life and she has lots going on (including draining the frog pond - poor froggies!).

I would like to nominate Laura B over at What Fresh Hell Is This? for being a wonderful and kind person. I would bet that she was never (or at least hardly ever) a mean girl. I bet she has always been kind and supportive, not to mention an avid reader and wonderful writer, and librarian extraordinaire.

I would also like to nominate billy pilgrim over at anubis, anubis, anubis. He entertains and puzzles all at the same time. He teases, pleases and more than likely pisses off (once in a while at least) those who follow him. He makes me laugh to beat the band. ;-)

And there you go, my first post in one month and 15 days!

Happy Thursday you bloggers you!

(Oh, I forgot the award instructions - When nominated, you are supposed to paste the award on to your post, cite the nominator - hot link, nominate others and hot link them, too. I think that's it - go to Texlahoma for the correct instructions if this doesn't seem right.......) (Also - let the people you nominated know you nominated them....I think that's it!)