Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sheesh times three

I don't know if it's the full moon,
my busy work schedule
or the unexpected visit from the STBX this weekend,
but I lost it today.

I left a $20 bill

on the table with a note
to get dog food this morning.

We are out of dog food. I fed Callie tuna this morning and P'Head got cat food.
So I was counting on one of the the 2 sighted adults home during the day to go buy some dog food.

When I got home after work and a union meeting
and Callie was panting really hard - meaning she was really hungry -
the tuna did not hold her over I guess.
I called down to Joe-Ash
(the unsighted adult in the house),
and asked if any one bought dog food.

No I was told.
Hold See
(who works at Starbucks - Starbucks I tell you - Starbucks!!!!!)

took the $20 and bought -
yep you got it - COFFEE!!!!!!
We have coffee right here in the house.

I lost my temper and went on and on and on about how upset I was.
Joe-Ash kept saying I was yelling at the wrong person.
I guess I was,

but sheesh -
Hold See works at Starbucks for pity's sake -
why did he take my $20 and NOT buy dog food?

It is hard to understand people sometimes. Really hard.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Here's a Guy I Haven't Told You About

This is Slim Jim.
I think he should be a movie star.
He reminds me of Clive Owen.
He's really smart.
And artistic.

Hold See brought Slim home from junior high one day 12 years ago.
I bet he could have walked into a bar and
bought a drink even back then.
I doubt that he has ever been carded.

Way back when he wrecked my van.

And broke Dandu's jaw.

He has a place in all our hearts.

I spent New Year's Eve with Dandu and it was fun.
(I must say, I having been having more fun with the family
since the pater familias left.)

Slim Jim was there.
(No fights ensued and no vans were wrecked.)
A quiet beginning to a wonderful New Year, I'd say.


All Bets Are Off

I have had this phrase rattling around in my head since my husband of 32 years and life partner of near 37 years announced his departure (the day after Thanksgiving - a few posts back - and all I have been posting about since).

I have a new life and all bets are off.

Which reminds me of a scene from Snatch.

All bets are off
I need to change my entire way of thinking.

My decisions, my lifestyle, my fears, my joys -
all are up for re-negotiation,
because all bets are off.