Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

I was going to go for the easy hit - Wacko Wednesday - what with the news - murder - doctors being paid $150,000 a month - etc. 


Joe-Ash graduates from the Orientation Center for The Blind (OCB) tomorrow and it brings up all kinds of emotions for me.

Today while I was manning the play structure before school, I saw a little boy I had never seen before.  He was obviously a chronically ill child - smaller than his play mates, slower moving, transparent skin, wearing a hat.  He was having so much fun climbing the ladder, going up a few more steps and then sliding down.  He did it over and over. He had 2 little playmates who slowed down their pace and went up the ladder and down the slide with him (double slide).  

He told me, with a great big smile (and obvious dental work), "I like the slide!" Over and over this group of 3 went up and slid down.  

I asked, "Are you cousins?"  

"No", said the little girl, "he's my brother."  

My tears started trickling.  I held myself together (somewhat) and wondered what was up with me, glad for my big ass sunglasses. 

The morning bell rang and my little friend took one more slide.

I followed him to his teacher and asked about his diagnosis.  

Lupus, chemotherapy.

He reminded me of Joe-Ash from top to bottom.  Thin skin, small stature, slower than others, careful.

I went to the bathroom, and saw how bad my red rimmed eyes looked.  I put back on the glasses, went to my room, watered my plants, pulled myself together and went on with the rest of my day.

Throughout the day, I thought about it off and on - what is my problem?

Joe-Ash graduates tomorrow.  He will be leaving the comfort of a place where he really came into himself. He was the Student Body President.  He smoothed over all the problems that came up while he was there.  He made great friends.

Joe-Ash has always been sick, has always felt like crap and has always been a bit different than everyone else.   Sometimes the friends were a bit thin, distant, but his brothers always had his back.

When he lost his sight, we were all in shock.

Then we took him off to the OCB.  All of us.  His brothers arranged to get their days off from work, as did his dad and I.  We sat in the admission office - the large group of 5 adults.  They had to go get more chairs from the conference room to accomodate us. A couple of us were sort of sticking out of the office door - couldn't quite all fit in.  We wanted to know where he was going, what he was going to do, who would be his teachers.

Now, nine months later, we are again taking the day off from work - this time to take part in his graduation.  Hold See and I are going in the morning, DanDu is going in the afternoon and bringing Air Horn Guy, and the hubby is working in the morning and meeting us there.  

We are going to watch him glide down this particular slide for the last time.  

There will be new play structures to come.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trivial Tuesday

So the big news around here today (which is not the big news from yesterday which involved a CHP helicopter that circled the house, sheriff all over the property with dogs and  a Hold See freak out - they were looking for a guy wanted on domestic violence charges and seemed to think he was lurking around our steep and rocky property)  - no -  the big news here today is that Air Horn Guy got two P.O. money orders delivered by UPS totaling 1700.00 dollars, US.

It says it's from some lady in New Jersey that he doesn't know.  He is at the Post Office now, trying to sniff out whether they are real money orders or not.  They were just in the paper envelope with no explanation.

Here he is on the phone trying to find out who sent the money.

I told him I should get some of the money because I handed him the envelope.  I think Hold See signed for it, so he should get some of it, too.

So the title of my post should be Mystery Tuesday, because $1700.00 is not trivial!

Well, Air Horn Guy just got back from the Post Office.  He was told that the P.O money orders were totally fake and they confiscated them.  They told his to check his spam folder.  Boo hoo. The creepy thing is that some creepy total stranger has our address. Another Boo Hoo.

Air Horn Guy just found the spam email that talked about the money - he was supposed to go to WalMart and use Western Union.  Mystery Shopper.  I told you I should have named today's post Mystery Tuesday!

I think we might should start locking the doors!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Musings

The First Day Of School!

Today was the first day of the 2009-2010 school year.  

My desk, as yet uncluttered (I did stuff things away before I took the picture!).

As theResource Teacher, I do not have students in my room on the first day.

But I do have Taco Bell puppies monitoring my progress!

White Board and Letter Sound Cards and Number Line and other good stuff.

Meeting area

Today I did my yard duty, met with my resource students, gave the teachers fact sheets on each student and worked with my aide on our schedule for the year.  I showed the principal and vice principal the gapping hole under our building where the skunks and other critters like to hang out.  

Later in the day the janitor told us that he he actually saw a skunk coming out at night, from its home under our room.  Lovely.  

Janitor Neal

I did not take a picture of the hole - I will have to do that tomorrow and share it later.

As you can tell, I opened the package for the camera cord, so I am now able to share my room, in the middle of the portable - otherwise known as Room 29.  Ta Da!

Outside the Portable

Thank you so much for joining me on my first day of school!

Have a wonderful wonderful week my friends!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Blog - Dog

I'm a happy dog.  My owners love me very much - they want me to be comfortable in the sun.

Your turn!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday's Victory Reports

I cannot report student loan victories, nor the finding of my camera cord.

I can report that I am back at work, my room is settled and that the new principal and vice principal seem to be capable and sane.  We are not used to either  (capable sanity) - so it will take some getting used to.

I have purchased a new camera cord.  

I haven't opened the package yet, being sure that as soon as I do, the old cord will reappear.  I had hoped that buying the cord would do it, but it seems that I must open the package for the old cord to resurface.

Next week I know I will have more to share....

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Return of Wacko Wednesday

I had to share this with you - you may have seen it this last week- a bust (recently found) from about 4,500 years ago - and yet - does it remind you of someone?

I hope you are having a great week.  I am transitioning back into school.  A meeting yesterday, a training today and a staff meeting and meet and greet tomorrow.  Friday is a work day and school starts on Monday.  My room is coming together nicely.  I have hope and optimism for the school year - today.  I'll let you know how I feel tomorrow. 

Happy Wacko Wednesday to you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trivial Tuesday

In answer to last week's Seven Deadly Sins are this week's 

Seven Virtues.



Charity - Love





So those are the virtues.   Some are easier than others.

It's easy to love those who are lovable.

Fortitude is easy when you feel driven, but not so easy when you are afraid.

Hope in the face of hopelessness is not easy under any circumstance.

Temperance is easy when it's not something you are compulsive about.

Feel free to share your thoughts.  Easiest/hardest.  Worst/best, etc.

Happy Tuesday to all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday Musings

Looking on Youtube yesterday, my husband found this video.  Yee hoozier haa, it is a hoot.  

YouTube - The House In The Middle (Nuclear Attack Protection)

My husband was looking for this above picture of folks in easy chairs watching a test bomb (not easy to find but I did find it hours later on Google Images).

My first reaction to the short was anger.  But it is listed as comedy by its poster, NODDINGCAT.  So I had to loosen up!

After you have now watched the 1954 video - please know that in 2001 the United States Library of Congress deemed this short as "culturally significant" and it has been preserved in the National Film Registry.  

This film explains a lot about my mother and probably Ananda's mother, too!  There was a lot of pressure on the women to save their families from nuclear destruction.  No wonder my mother sometimes just melted down.  This is too much pressure!

Supposedly the short was produced by the Federal Civil Defense Administration for the National Clean Up - Paint Up - Fix Up Bureau, but it was really produced by the National Paint, Varnish, and Lacquer Association.

How's that for Truth in Government -er Advertising - er Government - er?

Happy New Week to all!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Scavenger Hunt - Xanadu

Xanadu - used to convey an impression of a place that is almost unattainably luxurious and beautiful.

To me, living by the ocean is Xanadu.

Mendocino, CA

Point Reyes, CA

Mendocino. CA

Mendocino is my Xanadu.  

Point Reyes is a close second.

Enjoy my Xanadu.

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Blog - Dog

How 'bout a clever caption?

"When you asked me if I wanted a soda, I didn't know that meant wear one."

Hey guys, I know that you can do better than that!  

I'd love to see what you all can come with.

Happy Friday to all!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thursday's Victory Reports

Well, today is the day I would love to share with you that I found my camera cord and share a picture or two.   No such luck!

I am able to  share that we owe $1000.00 plus dollars for state and federal income taxes, as well as $275.00 to the tax preparer.  That's just such joyous news!

I am also able to share that Direct TV is  sucking us dry -NFL Sunday Ticket plus High Def services with a DVR is ridiculously expensive.  Do not get a high def TV - especially if you have Direct TV. I am not a fan of Direct TV.  Not at all!  The people on the phone are difficult to understand and are not able to help at all, except for telling me how much things cost.  And getting to an actual person is also painful.   Avoid Direct TV if you have any other option! (If you don't need Sunday Ticket, don't get Direct TV. Damn those Rams!)

I can share that I am now saving $40.00 on the phone bill by not having long distance or voicemail, etc on the home phone.  That is a victory!

Also - that I was able to deal with these financial issues at all is also a victory.  I have gone through all the paperwork in my bedroom - which I mentioned in my earlier posts - which is also also a victory!  Ooh - I do have pictures I can share!



And I don't have an end picture to share......not yet anyway.

So, although I have not found my camera cord - and I thought that I did not have any victories to share - I did have victories - I did - I did - I did!

The next thing I have to tackle are my student loans....and I have only a short time to get it done.  Hopefully I will be able to share the victory of how much money I owe a month on my student loans next week.  

One victory at a time!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering. 
Steven Wright 

Trees go wandering forth in all directions with every wind, going and coming like ourselves, traveling with us around the sun two million miles a day, and through space heaven knows how fast and far! 
John Muir 

Imagine, if you will, a story that is too tall to tell.  The story of how a people were forged and formed.  The story is always unique to environment, locale, personalities and climate.

Envisage that these people are persecuted wherever they go.  Their ways are different and strange. Their clothes are unfamiliar, too.  They stand out in a crowd.  

The inhabitants around them are suspicious.  They are wary.  They watch for any threat or hint of danger to their family, comfort level or way of life.

The people of our tale have to keep moving on, either by choice, economic force or legal edict. They rarely dare to become individuals on their own and put down roots.   They keep moving until they come to that place that they know is theirs.  They are nomads and then they aren't.

This is the place!  Here!  Our home!  And yet even still, it is not easy to settle.  There are giants to be dealt with.  Wars to waged.  Enemies to be bested.  

And after settlement, it is a struggle to sustain oneself.  It is a campaign, a crusade to survive.
But they do take up residence, procreate, become part of the landscape.  Generations pass and individuality dares to creep forth....
Who are these people?  

I imagine you have someone in mind. I did, and then I thought of another group of people and another and another.
It is a story as old as history - oral and written.  

It is my story, the account of my people.  It is your story, the legend of your people.

Now, what should we do with this saga?

I have no idea, I am just wandering!

As are the fellows in the clip below.  Oh my!

(Watch it!  If for no other reason than there are TWO accordions!)

Trivial Tuesday

I went back to work today - just to check out my room and dump off the stuff I have buying this summer.  I have never had a budget, nor have supplies been freely given.  So I have gone to sales at Staples, WalMart, Target, and Walgreens and purchased notebooks, crayons, pencils, pens, and paper.  I can see, after putting it in my room, that I have enough!  We have a new principal this year, so maybe I will actually get to ask for and receive things that I need to do my job.  But I digress - enough trivial school drivel.

My last death related trivial bit o' information - 

Kelton Rena Turner was the last American solider killed in the Vietnam War in 1975.  

And on that lovely note, about which I will not comment - I believe you can all make your own conclusions - we will enter into a season of sevens for Trivial Tuesdays.

(It is amazing what you get when you Google image the number 7: Michael Jackson, the number 15, Brad & Angelina and surprisingly few 7s.)

We we will start with the Seven Deadly Sins.  The link is to Wikipedia.  In summary - this list came about early in Christian history and was embraced by the Catholic Church.  

(All the images that you are about to view came from Google Images.)

The Seven Deadly Sins are:








I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.  

Happy Tuesday to you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bad Poetry Monday

Quick decisions
Lead to questionable
Results lasting 

Sadly walking down the street
The man and his dog
Look for cans and bottles
That decision was a lifetime
Ago and seemingly non-refundable


Aw, fuck it dude, let's go bowling

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Scavenger Hunt - DIRECTION

Well - I got buttcus!

If I had the cord to my camera I would have taken my camera out on a road sign expedition. But I don't know where the cord is and I don't want to buy a new one - not this month - not next - (I don't get paid again until the end of September - and my husband is a state employee and they have 3 furlough days a month [equaling about a 20% pay cut]).  I also know I will find the cord as soon as I get a new one.   We will see.

But as I thought about it - I decided to go with just one image.

The Bible.  It is what I go to daily for DIRECTION, courage and strength.  Not to mention sanity.

I have struggled with depression for my whole life.  Seeing the world as it is, growing up by myself and genetics made a lovely depression stew for me.  

I have self medicated and taken prescribed pharmaceuticals - but what works the very best for me, with zero side effects, has been a dedicated time with God in His Word on a daily basis.  

The Word is living and active, able to divide soul and spirit and joint and marrow.  Not to mention supernatural.  

I could not put one foot in front of the other in any organized way without  DIRECTION from The Bible.

I know that this makes me seem like a study in contradictions - but I do love the Coens, I do love The Big Lebowski, I don't mind hearing F bombs in certain situations, I did take drugs as a teen, I am liberal in many ways, I will buy a drink or two at a bar if my kids are playing music there AND I love Jesus, the Ancient of Days and the Bible.  

Do not judge and hate God because of me.

I am who I am.  (Somewhat like Popeye - without the heroics).  I am trying to find my way in the world.  

I get my DIRECTION from the Bible.  But I still get lost.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Blog -Dog

As I am out of Lebowski photos of relevance, I have decided to borrow
Cube's idea (thank you Cube - I didn't ask you in advance - thank you in retreat) and do a Friday Dog Blog.  Please enjoy the 1st Friday outing.

Tennessee Bird Dogs

I am not sure, but I think this photo may have been doctored in some way.  Or maybe that's what bird dogs in Tennessee look like.

(Sorry Cube for butchering your great post - please forgive me)

Happy Friday to you all.  Does anyone know what the Scavenger Hunt word is for tomorrow?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Victory Thursday

Instead of using my credit card to go on vacation this year, I used it to buy a pair of high end running shoes.  

Not that I am going to run, mind you, but because I heard that they make good shoes for the shoe challenged.  I hate shoes.  I wish we could be barefoot all the time.  But shoes must be worn on many occasions.  They are especially helpful when walking on rocky trails and in hard places.  So I bought a pair of shoes that offer support for my freakishly wide feet with high (and I do mean high arches).

I finally wore them outside today, being relatively sure that I was not going to return them. 

Off I walked.  I walked on the trail by our house that runs along a canal/flume type waterway.  I walked further that I ever had on the trail - and didn't even notice until I was at the end of the line - and I am crediting it to those new high end running shoes.

(I would insert a photo here of the waterway, but I still can't find the cord that connects my camera to the computer and my handy dandy work MacBook does not seem to have a place to insert cards and my home computer was made before there were cameras.)

That's my Thursday Victory (that and being very glad that I am not afraid of dogs because I ran across a black Lab and Great Dane on my adventure - who were sweet - but would have been quite scary if I were afraid of dogs).

Thanks for viewing and enjoy your almost Friday!

Peace out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

Today's story is just that - a story - which means it is a thinly veiled report of my misspent youth where none of the names have been changed because no one is innocent.  Miss Bliss has her stories, where I have a supporting role - and not surprisingly, where she is the star, I have vague memories. Car crashes here, falling down drunks there, barking bassets all over the place.

This story takes place, however, with Miss Bliss nowhere to be seen.  She is in the valley, doing whatever - I have no idea why she is not here, but she is not.  Miss Bliss has introduced all but one of the characters that will appear here in her various Fables and blogs.  We have Tie Dye, the main character, Apple Cheeks, and Fred.  New to this world is Brave One, whose name has been changed because he actually is innocent.

Long ago and far away,  Tie Dye was upset by the war in Vietnam.  It seemed useless, evil and destructive to all.  She laughed out loud while watching Drag Net with her parents.  She boycotted CBS for years for cancelling the Smothers Brothers Show.  (Not that CBS ever knew or cared.)  Tie Dye belonged to a Church Youth Group where she drank, smoked pot, lost her virginity and occasionally took "harder" drugs.

This Youth Group had a trip planned to camp at Lake Edison.  Tie Dye had never been there.  She thought that taking a trip while she was there would be a good idea.  You know, to discover the area and all.  Wink wink.  So before the trip, she went to good old Fred and bought some mescaline.  (She undoubtedly went with Miss Bliss - who could probably tell you all kinds of things about the visit - but Tie Dye has no recollection of the event).  

Lake Edison

Now you need to know this about Fred - he was pretty persuasive and a bit of a bull dog.  He once talked Tie Dye into going, in the middle of the night, to wake up a huge ex Hell's Angel. Tie Dye knew where he was staying and Fred did not.  Yikes - he could talk Tie Dye into anything, except touching him, kissing him, sharing food or water with him or having sex with him.  Tie Dye knew that Fred, who was also part of the Youth Group, would want to share this trip experience.  So she gobbled down all the trip starter early - so he would not be able to talk her into giving him some.  Hog that she was.

Somehow the Group got to the Lake.  Wonderful!  Camp was set up and Tie Dye's trip had begun.  

Campground @ Lake Edison

She walked down the lake shore with Fred and Apple Cheeks.  Fred had already asked Tie Dye for some trip starter and she told him she had already taken it.  That problem was now dealt with.  As they were strolling down the lake shore, Tie Dye thought to herself, Fred is going to spit, I know it!  So, of course, Fred hocked a loogie on the sand.  Gross and disgusting.  What is it with guys and spitting?  Really, what is it? How does that show "I am Man!"  It is disgusting, guys.  I am pretty sure Tie Dye is not the only one who thinks so.  

Now totally grossed out and amazed that she could predict such things, Tie Dye realized that Apple Cheeks was going to spit, too.  Another loogie plopped on the sand.  May I just say, here and now? YUCK!  Again, amazement amid nausea hit Tie Dye.

The next event of note in the trip was - Ta Da - in the middle of Nowhere!  A Store!  Imagine that! The store had been the trio's destination all along.  Everything was extremely overpriced and small.  What was this?  Why was she here?  Did she have any money?  No.  Why was she here again?  How did this building with the high priced small items get here in the middle of nowhere?  This was just downright weird and unnatural.

After the store, they walked down the shore toward camp and Tie Dye was afraid of flying loogies the whole way back.

It was afternoon now.  Tie Dye was on her own - probably left alone because of the horror on her face due to the fear of loogies - and the ability to predict them.  She sat on some rocks along the shore.  It was so peaceful being part of nature.  Just sitting there.  Perhaps she should put her toe in the water.  Toe in - big wave.  Whoa - that was weird.  Where did that wave come from? Toe out.  If she put her toe in, would there be another big wave?  No, that's ridiculous! Toe in - big wave!   Whaaat?  Toe out.  Toe in - big wave.  Toe out.  You get the pattern.  Tie Dye was amazed at her connectedness to nature.  Absolutely amazed.  

Actual Rocks on Lake Edison's Shore

Later, after dinner (what did they have for dinner? - probably some freeze dried backpacking food - Tie Dye did not pay attention -but if Miss Bliss had been here she would be able to tell you in great detail) Tie Dye was assigned to wash the dishes.  So off she went - directed by Apple Cheeks, who undoubtedly thought - this chick has always been a pain in my ass - to the water spigot.  Tie Dye washed away - and then she got to the frying pan that had been used over the fire's open flame.  I don't know if you have ever tried to clean the bottom of a frying panthat has been used over open fire flames with cold water while tripping on mescaline - but let me tell you, it is a fascinating and never ending job.  

Why won't this pan get clean?  It is very dark out here.  Wow, water.  What is this black stuff?  Why won't this pan get clean?  What is all this black stuff?  Wow, look, these rocks have food scraps all over them.  It's awfully dark.  What is this black stuff?  Why won't this pan get clean?  

Predictably, Apple Cheeks came to check on Tie Dye.  "What is taking you so long?" he asked? This pan won't get clean, was the reply.  After surveying the scene, and knowing her state of mind, Apple Cheeks said, "You don't have to clean the bottom of the pan."  Oh.  That's information I could have used going into this situation, thought Tie Dye.

The next scene worthy of description was bedtime.  Tie Dye had her mat, sleeping bag and candle all ready.  The candle was red and mulberry scented.  It provided hours of trippy entertainment, and smelled so good.  Look at that white blue red yellow flame.  Smell that smell.  Mmmmm.  

What's that sound?  What's that noise?  What is going on?

Turns out that Brave One brought an air mattress.  What a wuss.  It was a little inflatable plastic affair.  And it was noisy.  Deep breath, blow into plastic, deep breath, blow into plastic. This noise went on for what seemed like hours.  He would think there was enough air in it, and set it up with his sleeping bag over it and, no, it needed more air.  Into the night this went on. 

Tie Dye thought - he is the good one - real Christian boy - and yet he is making sexual passes at an air mattress - what's this world all about?  I don't get it.  

Ohhh, look at that blue white red yellow flame.  Smell that great smell. Mmmmm. Look at those little air bubbles in the wax. What's that noise?  How can he have sex with his mattress in front of all of us?  Oh wow, that sure smells good. Mmmm.

You get the picture.

(Please know that this story is truly about a misspent youth.  There is nothing good about taking drugs and abusing yourself as a teen.  If I had been a different person, none of this would have happened.  But I was who I was and I am now who I am.

So be it.)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trivial Tuesday

Welcome to Trivial Tuesday @ Raising Sunny!  I have been combing the Internet to share tidbits o' trivia with you, my blogging friends!

This tidbit came not from the Internet, but from my favorite Friday night television show - The Dog Whisperer.

Caesar and Daddy

What your dogs need is:

Exercise, Discipline and Affection - in that order!

Which reminds me of a very funny (to me) South Park episode.  I will look for it on youtube -

This next one involves Cartman and please understand that his foul mouth comes into play.

In this one Cartman's temper and foul mouth are even worse - just letting you know.

The whole episode is quite funny - and has some very foul things as well - but that is South Park.  What makes it funny is that it is so true.  As someone who has worked in the kid biz most of my life and raised three of my own, I must say this episode is so true.  We have the type of children we have raised.  Children don't develop in a vacuum.  I'm just saying.

The next trivia involves Hollywood.  

The longest movie ever made is The Cure for Insomnia (1987).  It is 85 hours long.  Yikes!

The only picture of it that I could find.

The Brothers Karamazov (1958) was William Shatner's Hollywood debut.  He played Alexi Karamazov.

Hummm, now some trivia about me.  Ah - I know - I have to go back to work in 2 weeks.  Boo hoo for me   ;-(

Yes, this is me - Doris Day.

Have a great Tuesday, mi compadres.  Te quiero.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Musings.

Yesterday I talked to my friend in Ellensburg who is a rancher.  She said she saw a video on youtube about mad cow.  

Suffice it to say, even though I have not seen the video, after talking with her, I will probably never eat beef again.  

Perhaps "organic" only.  

And I love beef.  :-(

Luckily I love chicken, too.  

And tofu is growing on me.

As I have tototally depressed myself, I will now post some more pictures from my day trip last week.  Plants make me happy.  Fishies, too.  

As you enter the exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers you are greeted by a pond with fish. Hello fishies!

The Conservatory is made out of glass - whitewashed.  This room had some stained glass. Beautiful if you ask me.

I took this picture in the park - somewhat close to the turtles.  I am always trying to find a photo with red and green to use for a Christmas card.  I am not sure this is it, but you get the idea.

And these are the Monday Musings of Crazy Sunny!