Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Waiting For Vencini

Something like Inigio (see above)
I have gone back to the beginning, it seems.

Two of my sons gave me an iPod for Christmas,
and I have gone about downloading the music of my youth on it.

I have Joni Mitchell,
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young,
Cat Stevens,
Yes (CD borrowed from my youngest son - can you imagine!!!),
Neil Young,

all on this postage stamp sized metal clip.

(Along with new and old stuff, not the soundtrack of pre STBX days.)
When did the amazing future arrive?
Wham bang, here it is - Thank you ma'am!

This music makes me happy.
It is so strange to have music as my personal soundtrack.
I know, I know, welcome to the 21st century, but it is still AMAZING to me that I can walk around with music that only I can hear.

Back in the beginning of me, when I played music, it filled the whole room, and if my mother was gone, the whole house.

I seem to be re-living my youth, at least musically speaking.

I am at the back at the beginning.
I am not waiting for Vencini,
but I think I am waiting for something........


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sheesh times three

I don't know if it's the full moon,
my busy work schedule
or the unexpected visit from the STBX this weekend,
but I lost it today.

I left a $20 bill

on the table with a note
to get dog food this morning.

We are out of dog food. I fed Callie tuna this morning and P'Head got cat food.
So I was counting on one of the the 2 sighted adults home during the day to go buy some dog food.

When I got home after work and a union meeting
and Callie was panting really hard - meaning she was really hungry -
the tuna did not hold her over I guess.
I called down to Joe-Ash
(the unsighted adult in the house),
and asked if any one bought dog food.

No I was told.
Hold See
(who works at Starbucks - Starbucks I tell you - Starbucks!!!!!)

took the $20 and bought -
yep you got it - COFFEE!!!!!!
We have coffee right here in the house.

I lost my temper and went on and on and on about how upset I was.
Joe-Ash kept saying I was yelling at the wrong person.
I guess I was,

but sheesh -
Hold See works at Starbucks for pity's sake -
why did he take my $20 and NOT buy dog food?

It is hard to understand people sometimes. Really hard.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Here's a Guy I Haven't Told You About

This is Slim Jim.
I think he should be a movie star.
He reminds me of Clive Owen.
He's really smart.
And artistic.

Hold See brought Slim home from junior high one day 12 years ago.
I bet he could have walked into a bar and
bought a drink even back then.
I doubt that he has ever been carded.

Way back when he wrecked my van.

And broke Dandu's jaw.

He has a place in all our hearts.

I spent New Year's Eve with Dandu and it was fun.
(I must say, I having been having more fun with the family
since the pater familias left.)

Slim Jim was there.
(No fights ensued and no vans were wrecked.)
A quiet beginning to a wonderful New Year, I'd say.


All Bets Are Off

I have had this phrase rattling around in my head since my husband of 32 years and life partner of near 37 years announced his departure (the day after Thanksgiving - a few posts back - and all I have been posting about since).

I have a new life and all bets are off.

Which reminds me of a scene from Snatch.

All bets are off
I need to change my entire way of thinking.

My decisions, my lifestyle, my fears, my joys -
all are up for re-negotiation,
because all bets are off.