Sunday, March 28, 2010


Chem trails - What will the kooks come up with next? (And to think that Wikipedia would lie to me.........) Sheesh!

Chem trails.

I happen to believe that something is being sprayed on a large scale basis to counter-act the greenhouse effect of our addiction to petrochemicals. (I do not believe in the alien theories and I sure hope they are not trying to de-populate us.......)

It really really upsets me that the powers that be are spraying crap into the air we breathe (that falls onto the ground where we plant our food and into the water we drink) and NO ONE is doing anything to stop it.

Not even Henry Waxman.

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

But then I get distracted by the TV or my financial affairs or a shiny object or have a seizure and forget about.

This is one crazy world that we live in.

Crazy I tell you!


  1. Boy isn't that the truth! Sadly, I am crazy too.

  2. Never heard of the chem trail theory. FAscinating!

  3. I do love that photo of the hand. :-)

  4. ananda - we are all crazy - it's a logical response to this world!

    sebastien - hello! there you go - now go tell others! stop the madness!

    ananda - it's great, isn't it! i wonder who took it - the glory of google images!

  5. Henry Waxman looks a little like a biochemical experiment gone awry...just sayin'...

  6. laura - he is pretty crazy looking - but he is a champion of human rights in congress - it seems as if there is a corporate greed issue, he is on the panel investigating it. i don't really know his voting record, but he does seem to be on the side of right.

  7. Wikipedia says they're con trails, ha!

    How stupid do they think we are?

    I think I've found a new catch phrase.

  8. texla - that is a good catch phrase - oh wait - which one? i'm mad as hell......... or how stupid......?

  9. texla - i saw the catch phrase on your blog - it's super darn fantastic!