Friday, March 19, 2010


Here is P'Headro, who pretty much rules my life when I am at home.

As in , "Oh, I don't want to get up yet, cuz I'll have to take P'Headro out in the dark to go potty."

Or, "Crikey, he went poo on the floor and Joe-Ash stepped in it and now I have to scrub it out of the carpet."

Or, "I sure do love that little guy. He makes me smile. Everybody loves P'Headro."

What else have I been up to you may wonder.

Well, pretty much just being overwhelmed and hiding out.

But there is nothing like an award being dangled in front of me to get me out of hiding. A silly little nod. I was going to say piece of paper, but it's not even that.

Anyway, thanks to Texla for coaxing me out of hiding.

I also have been ruminating about A Serious Man,

the latest by my Ditkas, the Coen Brothers. Gosh I love those guys.

We saw it a few months ago, and I have been brooding about sharing my thoughts since then. I love the Coens crazy-like (hence my name - really it all ties together), but I fear that anything that I write about the movie could be interpreted as anti-Semitic. I love the Coens so much I pray for them when I pray for all my family. They actually come way before my brother who lives in So Cal on my prayer list. Which they (my brother and the Coens) could be upset about, I suppose.

Anyway, my husband is in the background yelling at his friend on the phone about Ronald Reagan, taxes, civil servants, our whole standard of living going downhill, yadda yadda, Wall Street bailout, yadda yadda, (which reminds me of my father ranting and raving at the dinner table about the USA being the new Roman Empire and going to hell in a hand basket) and I am totally unable to even formulate a coherent, let alone accurate, reporting of my thoughts on A Serious Man, so suffice it to say that

1) I must be a bit ADD

2) A Serious Man was good and deserves comment


3) My husband rants and raves and sometimes even rants and raves about ranting and raving.

More later. More later.


  1. P'Headro is too cute and tiny to be a problem... yeah right, like babies aren't tyrants. But you have to love them. (No insult intended to P'H!)

    I am going to buy a copy of the dude if its the last thing I do today. I need a Lebowski fix.
    DH has never seen it! How can someone have never seen it?

  2. BTW... I love that the Choen Bros come before your brother. I have many people on my list that come before Medusa... though in all honesty, she needs prayer much more.

  3. Ananda - P'Headro is cute, and is a problem, and can be a tyrant, although Mildrid the cat is more of a tyrant in that she continues to terrorize P'Headro.

    As for not having seen the dude, that is hard to figure. hopefully he will love it, otherwise....i might have to give a thumbs down (although if you love him i love him even if he's a dude hater....)

    As for my brother v medusa - she's way worse - mine doesn't far as i know.........

  4. are you saying p'headro isn't house trained?

    i'd rant about stepping in dog stuff way more than inefficient government.

  5. P'Headro! You could do a whole blog just about your cute little fellow there :-)

    Okay, I am now infinitely curious about A Serious Man. I haven't seen it yet and even though it was nominated for an Oscar, I still haven't heard much about it. If you won't spill, I guess I will just have to see for myself.

  6. billy - he is not :-( luckily the hubby does not rant & rave about that - cause he would be raving all weekend. sheesh. i suck as a dog mom. chihuahuas are hard to house train. (in my defense)

  7. laura - i could probably blog everyday about p'headro - but it would just be He's so Cute! and as billy points out above, he's not really that cute - with that one glaring flaw.....

  8. P'Headro is going to take over the world.