Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is an actual un-retouched photo that I took on the beach in front of our Dive Resort in Cozumel. I would like to tell you that all the Coronas that I drank in Cozumel tasted like vacation. Every single one of them!

This is the view from our balcony.

This is the view out the back of the hotel. A rainforest/jungle that sang with life at night, especially after a strong rain (and there were a lot of those!).

The local grocery store, Mega, was quite normal, with some exceptions -
including large men looking down form the ceiling!

We had a great time! We really did.

I could totally snorkel for the rest of my life!

Here's my husband in the clear clear water.

It was amazing!!!!!! Fish everywhere. Blue water.

The reef did suffer tremendous damage after Hurricane Wilma in 2005, but there are strong signs of re-birth and life.

It was amazing!!!!!

If you ever have the chance, I would highly encourage you to go - but avoid the time-share talks!


  1. Welcome home! It looks so beautiful there...vibrant and pure and clear. Even the grocery store :-) So glad to hear you guys had a great time together in your tropical paradise.

  2. laura - we did, we did! but i was glad to get home, too!

    are you feeling better?

  3. Wow, that all looks great, glad it went well.

    I just have vacation memories implanted in my mind, saves lots of money. (;

  4. Texla - It did look great and it did go well! (Watch out for those implanted vacations. I remember one with three boobs and not being able to breathe, or was that a different mov...ah I mean vacation?)

  5. WOW! Heavy on the envy here. I am so glad you had such a wonderful vacation. Wish I had been with you, but then, it would have made for a weird second honeymoon. hee hee

  6. Ananda -yay, there weren't a lot of threesomes, or even foursomes there. Familes and couples was it. I would not mind being an ex-pat there, however!

  7. That looks absolutely gorgeous! If I ever get there, I'll have a Corona in your name, just for sharing those great pictures.

  8. I immediately thought of Corona comemrcials when I saw that photo.

    As for the chrome dome giant man, someone get him an oil drum full of Rogaine.