Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sheesh times three

I don't know if it's the full moon,
my busy work schedule
or the unexpected visit from the STBX this weekend,
but I lost it today.

I left a $20 bill

on the table with a note
to get dog food this morning.

We are out of dog food. I fed Callie tuna this morning and P'Head got cat food.
So I was counting on one of the the 2 sighted adults home during the day to go buy some dog food.

When I got home after work and a union meeting
and Callie was panting really hard - meaning she was really hungry -
the tuna did not hold her over I guess.
I called down to Joe-Ash
(the unsighted adult in the house),
and asked if any one bought dog food.

No I was told.
Hold See
(who works at Starbucks - Starbucks I tell you - Starbucks!!!!!)

took the $20 and bought -
yep you got it - COFFEE!!!!!!
We have coffee right here in the house.

I lost my temper and went on and on and on about how upset I was.
Joe-Ash kept saying I was yelling at the wrong person.
I guess I was,

but sheesh -
Hold See works at Starbucks for pity's sake -
why did he take my $20 and NOT buy dog food?

It is hard to understand people sometimes. Really hard.



  1. i would have exploded if someone blew the money meant for dog food on starbucks. exploding is good, release all that pent up frustration.

  2. We share a mother's soul, C4C :-) I have been flummoxed by their stupid decisions like that and I have certainly taken it out on the wrong one of them.

  3. It's ok to get pissed sometimes. It reminds people you're still there.

  4. billy - I guess - I also guess I got some more exploding to do.......

    laura - Flummoxed IS the word! And poor ol' Joe-Ash has been the brunt of at least 2 post STBX triads.... I got to spread those out.........

    3Girl - That is so true! I actually laughed out loud!!!!!!

  5. Yikes! That would have gotten me going too... and generally speaking I would have ranted up a storm at whoever happened to be available, then felt bad about it later. Poor puppies!

  6. So, the dog doesn't like Starbucks?

  7. Ananda - I guess the brain fries in the process of childbirth (and continues to fry in the ensuing years!)

    Pamela - i have never tried Starbucks on the dogs. I wonder if I should feed it kibble style or gring it and cook it? Humm.......

  8. It was definitely irresponsible of Hold See to use your money for coffee, but it also wasn't right of you to vent your frustrations at Joe-Ash.

    I hope you don't think I'm being rude.

    It's just that I live in a household run by a woman who is constantly taking her often-pointless anger out on innocent bystanders, and it's something I've grown to loathe.

  9. Pamela - Grind, not gring.

    BB - You are absolutely right - it was not right of me to vent on Joe-Ash - and it is heartening that you would pipe up and speak the truth in love.

    Thank you so much!

    As for the woman who runs the household in which you live, many women vent their anger in a manner that they do not understand or know how to stop. It is an almost universal phenomenon, at least among middle class American mothers.

    So it goes.

  10. Well, I am four times fried! I agree many women do vent in ways that they do not understand. But I think they internalize much before they blow.

  11. BrightenedBoy-- I do not know your situation and do not presume to dis your feelings on the matter. But I do think that women need to be heard and when they feel unheard, they do that. It might help just to acknowledge that you do hear her. Then again, I could be wrong. :-)
    My mom was a horrible nagger/venter and I do feel sympathy for your situation.

  12. Ananda - You are right on the internalizing - which IS why women tend to blow. We internalize rather than confront in love. That is what we should all do (and I do not most of the time.)

  13. Wow, this post became quite psychologically deep towards the end. It isn't just women. What explains when men blow up at the wrong person?

  14. BTW the one who spent the money on Starbucks is free to pay you back the $20 any time now.

  15. What I don't understand is this: why are there a different set of standards for women?

    Why is it that when a woman loses her cool everyone is supposed to think about it from a discrete perspective?

    When anyone, man, woman, or child, feels unheard it is bound to sow frustration. The desire to have oneself taken seriously is not confined to members of the female sex, nor is the need to take responsibility for what one says in anger confined to members of the male sex.

    I think we border dangerously on sexist apologism when we start justifying our indiscretions by citing our gender.

    I mean no offense to the author of the blog, of course, nor am I implying that she tried to use her status as a woman to excuse her behavior.

    I was just noting a thread in the comments section that I found a bit disconcerting.

  16. I guess I am very self centered.

    I have only discussed losing control with other women. (Middle class white mothers).

    I have never discussed the out of body experience with anyone else. I do not know what it is like for anyone else..... And I thought it was just me, until I heard other women discussing it.

  17. I didn't mean to say that you were self-centered at all.


    Everyone goes off from time to time and says things they wish they hadn't. That's part of the human condition.

    I hope I wasn't too forward.

  18. Brightened - Self -centered as in ego centric - as in ethno centric - as in a middle class white mother type who assumes all swirls around that particular sink hole, so to speak.

    No worries!