Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Waiting For Vencini

Something like Inigio (see above)
I have gone back to the beginning, it seems.

Two of my sons gave me an iPod for Christmas,
and I have gone about downloading the music of my youth on it.

I have Joni Mitchell,
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young,
Cat Stevens,
Yes (CD borrowed from my youngest son - can you imagine!!!),
Neil Young,

all on this postage stamp sized metal clip.

(Along with new and old stuff, not the soundtrack of pre STBX days.)
When did the amazing future arrive?
Wham bang, here it is - Thank you ma'am!

This music makes me happy.
It is so strange to have music as my personal soundtrack.
I know, I know, welcome to the 21st century, but it is still AMAZING to me that I can walk around with music that only I can hear.

Back in the beginning of me, when I played music, it filled the whole room, and if my mother was gone, the whole house.

I seem to be re-living my youth, at least musically speaking.

I am at the back at the beginning.
I am not waiting for Vencini,
but I think I am waiting for something........



  1. I cannot believe I do not yet have any sort of MP3 player. I'm certainly tempted, especially when I think of it as having my own personal soundtrack!
    It is kind of exciting to be waiting for something, isn't it?

  2. please tell me you're not downloading itunes. free is best.

  3. laura - it is so great to have the personal soundtrack thing. absolutely amazing, really. and exciting is one way to frame the waiting thing.

    billy - i bought some cds at a used music store and the rest i got from my kids. i haven't download tunes from anywhere yet. i will look into the free option when i do. thanks!

  4. I do not have an MP3 player...not sure I will. I don't like earbuds! But glad you are enjoying...
    You can get CD's at Goodwill too...

  5. Pamela - I had 2 sets of ear buds and my little P'Headro climbed into my computer bag and chopped both of the to bits (2 separate incidents). I went to BestBuy and got the foam headphone things instead. They don't go into my ears and they don't completely cover my ears, either.

    I have never looked at CD's at the thrift store. I will check that out!

  6. I cannot live without my MP3 player! I love ear buds and feeling like the music is inside my head.
    I have been blessed with music donators... those who share and I love the variety that brings. Music connects us to so much... our selves, our past, present and perhaps future, friends, new ideas... Its the best brain food ever and a wonderful companion.

  7. Hey Ananda! You got that right!

  8. I like 66.66666% of those groups. My interest in music comes and goes, seems to be gone right now.
    I'm glad you're enjoying the wonders of the 21st century.

  9. Creedence? Don't forget John Forgerty's first solo album, Centerfield.

    And for Neil, I recommend Harvest, After the Gold Rush, and the underrated "Hawks and Doves".

    Then get "Harvest Moon", the sequel to "Harvest". Interesting contrast, follow up on themes.

  10. Ha! One way or another I will get here to you so that you can get back to me!
    Geez C4C! I go and dig myself a great little new blog... come here to leave my tracks and find that you have the same design as me!
    No wonder I thought it looked like home.

  11. ok. trying to figure out if my name "silly rabbit shows up now. Sheesh! I tell you getting set up in the new hole is a real hassle!

  12. Hey, what happened to you?
    If you are, send up a post or friend me, Mic Kilroy on FB!
    Miss you.