Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Yesterday my husband and I went to the
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park.

It is an annual free event in Golden Gate Park - the bill is footed by Warren Hellman. It is amazing that people have that much money. (Not that I resent the use of his money - very generous on his part - but I am amazed that people can have that much money!)

This was a picture opportunity on the way there (bathroom stop - very gross bathroom - I've got pics if you want to see).

Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the Marin Headlands

When we got there and found a staging area (way off to the side between stages), my husband took a nap.

Crazy 4's husband taking a nap at 2009's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

While my husband was napping, I went wandering and found Steve Earle and others singing Woody Guthrie songs. After it was over, I kept my eye on Steve and got this shot.

Steve Earle talking to back stage fans

After his nap, I showed my husband a good place to be for the Richie Havens' show.

Peace flag flying over a Richie Havens (side) crowd

There were lots of interesting characters. People were mostly either in their 20s or 50s. There was a group of yoot who were on some sort of drugs and were out of their minds. I sincerely doubt the Ananda girl and I were ever like this!

Freaky freaks enjoying the freedom that the US offers

This picture does not capture the weirdness. They were crazy, rolling around, and almost scary. A large group of people gathered to watch and take photos. I am sure those girls are wondering today why they have so many leaves and twigs in their hair.

The final show of our night was Steve Earle and The Bluegrass Dukes. I found a side way up to the stage and we had a front row view. I was ever so happy when he played Jerusalem.

Steve Earle on the Banjo Stage

It was a tiring day. Long gone are the days when I could sit, stand and walk for hour upon hour and then sleep on the ground. Long gone! I was ever so happy to sleep in my own bed, and even still I am in pain today!

Dandu and Toothy are there today.

It is a wonderful world that we live in.

Have a great new week my buddies!


  1. Oh, I would have loved an event like that! It sounds like so much fun, even with the crazy yoot :-) You got some really, really good pictures there too.

    You are so is a wonderful world. It is a matter of focusing on the right things. Have a fantastic week, Crazy Sunny!

  2. as a big steve earle fan i'm jealous. did he do fort worth blues?

  3. It looks like it was a fun event. I do like some of the old style bluegrass and country music. Great pictures.

  4. laura - i bet you would love hardly strictly bluegrass. everyone was so nice - smiles everywhere - even the event staff people were nice - it was just a really nice happening and you can't beat the price! Thanks for the thumbs up on the pics.

    billy - he did not. and he didn't play ain't ever satisfied either - which is what my hubby was hoping for. provoing that the title is true!

    Alien - It turns out I do like counrty, too - the old school stuff can really rock. In a twangy good way. It was fun to see 20 somethings dancing away in that particular bluegrass way. Thanks for the pics nod.

  5. That looks like fun!! Wish I could've been doing the drugs w. the hippies :)

    This makes me want to go to a concert so badly... I haven't been in ages.

  6. Sebastien - I would encourage you, as soon as possible, to get thee to a concert. Sometimes a little concert goes a long way. As for drugs with the hippies - I don't think so - they were scary - even dogs were barking at those 2 girls.

  7. Sounds like a good time. I use to go to concerts all the time. Haven't been in too long. I like rock, blues and even bluegrass.

  8. I am sooooooooooo jealous. Ilove bluegrass. And am trying to live in SF...

  9. Crazy4-- Sounds like a great time... and um... the crazy yooth...they kinda do remind me of some folk we knew in the way back... hee hee.

    My machine won't let me see all of the writing so I am unsure what the yooth are doing there.

    Sigh. Great stuffs! I'll be wishing you were with me on Sunday (The Pogues). It aint bluegrass,but it will be my kind of fun anyway.
    I have lots of bugs to work out of the plan to get there and hook up with Swell. Should be an amusing tale.

    How did I get here so late? I must have been Larry-headed! Sheesh.

  10. Well Mizz NoRegrets - Make sure you go to Hardly Strictly when you do get to San Fran. It's a great city! I know you will love it when you move there!

  11. Ananda - Believe you me - these people were wilder than anyone I knew then - of course the drugs these days are different.....

    What's up with your machine?

    I'd love to see the Pogues with you - it will all work out for you - and I am sure that if you tell the tale - it will be amusing!

    Larry-Headed, ay? Oh well, I am sure it's worth it!

    I miss you girl!

  12. Texla - I think I like blues - but I have never been to a blues concert. And I thought I didn't like country - so - who knows with me?

    Get yourself to a concert - it's quite an experience!

  13. The dogs were scared, huh?? If the dogs were scared then I would've been scared. Dogs are have a keen sense for everything, I trust their judgment.