Sunday, April 4, 2010

What the Heck Have I Been Doing All Week?

I said I would blog this last week, since I had it off and all. Well, that was just another in a long line of lies. Deep sigh.

In my defense however, I was quite busy.

So the week started with me deciding to paint the upstairs - minus the bedrooms.

This is what my sons and friends did while I painted away, with help from my husband, I might add.

This is my birthday dinner crew (all is forgiven for painting - and actually to be truthful two of the above actually did paint and two of the above - one of them the same person - did the installation of lighting fixtures). Dinner was oysters, heated up with garlic and Parmesan, artichokes with tasty mayonnaise dip, shrimp and tri tip. And for desert we had angel food cake, strawberries and home whipped cream.

Here is the ceiling fan Dandu installed - it's really swell (it's amazing what you can get at Home Depot with a credit card).

Here's the kitchen lighting that Hold See's friend and roommate installed in the kitchen.

That sums up what I did for Spring Break, while I was not blogging.

Just in case you wanted to know.


  1. how did you paint the ceiling near the bottom of the stairs? it drives me nuts doing that.

  2. Of course we wanted to know...and look at you, all ambitious and stuff. Painting and getting fancy lights!

    Belated Happy Birthday, C4C. Your crew looks awesome and your dinner sounds divine.

  3. Don't stairwells SUCK? I just finished mine this weekend. I was glad I'm a rock climber, else I'd never had had the nerve to do part of it.
    Happy birthday!!!

  4. Wow! You have been a busy bee. It's good to see that face. I hope your birthday was extra special, like you. Sorry I was so late to the blog.

  5. billy - one ceiling wasn't too high and the other i could reach from the upstairs - in general however, i do not like painting ceilings - i have gotten lots of paint on my face and in my hair doing it.....

    laura - thanks! ambitious, for sure and i got 4 of my 6 things done on my to do list (one of the other ones was a new floor - hahahaha - like i could charge that on my card!) having a birthday is a great way to get people to do stuff for me - it worked great.... :-)

    Pamela - stairwells do suck - and i have never climbed a rock voluntarily - so imagine how hard it was for me ;-) Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Ananda - busy bee indeed - and now i'm back to work, with a cold, no birthday WAS extra special! thanks!

  6. I am sooooo glad to hear that... because you are extra special!

  7. Belated birthday wishes!!!! Great pics, and love that one with everyone jamming, yeah!