Friday, July 9, 2010

The ABCs of Feelings - H

Another installment of feelings -
today's is H -


Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph,D., in ABC Feelings: A Learning/Coloring Book. asks

"Can you think of a time when you felt helpful?
"You must have felt you made it easier by doing what you could do. And you liked yourself for doing what you did."

Hummm, helpful??

I try to be helpful all the time.

In fact a therapist suggested I try being less helpful.

(That was a few years ago, so maybe I took his advice, because now I'm drawing a blank on helpful......)

Got any ideas, folks?

Can you think of a time when you were helpful?

And what other feelings start with H (like hairy.....etc!)?


  1. I try to be helpful, someone from out of state needed directions, they were pretty nice so I gave them correct directions. But in Oklahoma, that's just the norm, most people are helpful.

    I was riding with someone from Texas the other day, they were freaking out because they needed in the next lane in the city (In Ok "the city" means Oklahoma city) I said "Just signal, they'll let you in." He signaled, they let him in, he said "Wow, in Texas people act like they own the road, they'd never let you in."

  2. Since my job consists of being helpful (as most employment does, come to think of it) I get to be helpful nearly everyday. It is a great feeling. Even if you start off not feeling particularly helpful, by the time you've actually helped someone it is pretty rewarding.

  3. texla - people from texas sound like bay area drivers. they are rude, don't let you in, and honk a lot. i do not like driving in the bay area, and i bet i would not like driving in texas, either. also, the city here in nor cal means san francisco.

    laura - you seem like a helpful person. when i worked in the library (one million years ago), i loved helped people find things. i did the shelving and have a good visual memory, so i was often able to get them to where they wanted to go. i really did like that. every time i go to the library, i miss working in one......

  4. I wake up every day and ask myself what I can do that is nice for Randy. Weirdo that I am, I love doing unexpected things and seeing it appreciated.
    It works out well, since he actually notices. Ha.

    I do try to be helpful to anyone who needs help.

    But, you my friend have always been helpful and a godsend to me. I will never forget you riding your ten speed to my house late at night with a steak knife in your bibs to rescue me! Makes me smile every time I think about it. You have always been there for me. Thanks!

  5. Ananda - I love you very much and would do whatever I could for you. But even better, you have done it for yourself!

    It is very very nice that Randy notices the things you do for him (and that is not weird at all!!!!). That is what it's all supposed to be about (but of course, I still believe in fairy tales!).

    You rock, my friend, and never let anyone tell you otherwise ;-)

  6. Ewwww..."hairy feelings" :D

    I like to think of myself as a helpful person, but probably tend towards needing to be asked to help, rather than consciously look for ways to be helpful. Yet another point of contention with my STBEx. She won't ask for help, but expects me to figure it out. Sometimes I could, sometimes not, and now I couldn't care less.

    For any lady out there that thinks her significant other isn't helpful...just ask nicely and he'll probably love to do it.

    I have known some who are helpful to a fault though. They'll overextend themselves even to the point of burning out the people who support them.

  7. Ken! Thanks for chiming in. I do believe that women do expect men to be mind readers. Not too bright on our part!

    I am so glad that you couldn't care less now. Good. Let her live her own drama. Do what you can to support the girls and let the rest flow by.

    Christians tend to fall into that over-extending-giving thing. It's a trap! For everyone involved.

    Again - so nice to blog with you!

  8. I'm helpful to a point. I can't stand it when people demand help in a rude way. Makes me want to smack them and not help at all.

    That said, I used to manage an internist's office and it felt great to help people every day. Patients would come in just to say hello. They would bring me food and presents. I found it very satisfying to be helpful.

  9. Cube - I have wanted to line up all the members of my family and smack them three stooges style.......

    I hope that your current job is satisfying as well........