Sunday, July 4, 2010

The ABCs of Feelings - F

Another installment of ABC Feelings: A Learning/Coloring Book
by Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D.

Today's letter is F.

"F is for feeling friendly....
Can you think of a time when you felt friendly?
I guess feeling friendly is when you like to meet new people and see old friends, too. It makes you feel happy inside, doesn't it?"

I feel friendly under the influence of caffeine and alcohol.
Imagine them combined!
Buzz Beer!

Anyway, after I have had 2 cups of coffee in the morning, I can be quite talkative! And usually, nay, always, that is me being friendly!

After 2 beers in a bar, I can also feel quite happy and talkative.
(Nowadays I only go to bars when my kids are performing - back in the day is another story!)

I can be quite moody - but I have learned that if I have a smile on my face, it can make other people smile as well.
That's being friendly, isn't it?

"Can you think of a time when you felt friendly?
"What other feelings can you think of that start with the letter F?"

Have a happy and Friendly Fourth!


  1. it's also for Feeding Fish.

    i enjoy feeding your fish.

  2. billy - there you go! it is Fun Feeding them. thanks for keeping their tummies Full!

  3. You certainly seem to be a Fun & Friendly person :-) I am shy, so even though I like people it can be difficult for me to accurately convey a sense of friendliness to others. I FEEL friendly though!

  4. laura - you are very friendly in print, and for that i am very glad :-)

  5. Eeeerrggghhh! I am getting so frustrated with all these comments being disappeared by Blogger! Let me try again.

    You seem like a Fun and Friendly person...I know I said that. I think I also told how hard it is for me, as a very shy person, to convey friendliness even though I really, really like people!

  6. I must be fairly friendly, seems like I'm the one people will ask to take their picture at touristy type places.
    I have a drawer full of cameras from people that made that mistake. ;)

  7. I am going around seeing how many of my comments reappeared...a lot of them. So yay?

  8. laura - i never noticed that any of your comments were gone - but i was pretty much off line yesterday -

    texla - tisk tisk stealing poor tourists cameras. you must run pretty fast.....