Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Just Get Older....

Feeling a little low today......

It's that student loan bill.......

Also the 36 hour migraine........

So let's all enjoy nectarines instead!


  1. i forgot how much fun it was to feed those fish.

  2. The nectarines are a thing of beauty.

    I hope your migraine has gone. I know the student loan isn't going anywhere, but hoping it becomes less cumbersome for you at some point.

  3. billy - they are fun! gadget says they are there most popular gadget. if you believe gadget.

    laura - The headache is mostly gone and that darn loan is not. Thanks for stopping by -!!!!!!!

  4. Love me some nectarines. Easily in my top 5 fruit list. Thanks for sharing! Hope the migraine goes away soon.

  5. People keep telling me that I should finish college and get a high paying job. I think at my age, that would just be a high paying job to repay my loan and then I'd retire no better off.
    Or maybe I'm making excuses. I'm rather good at that, as you know. ;-)

    I am so sorry to hear about the migraine! Glad that its gone.

    I am also sorry that I was not home when you wanted to chat. :-(

  6. 3Girl - Thanks! It's gone now - and I need not bore you with my shoulder woes.

    Ananda - Stay away from the student loans - I know others don't - but I consider them EEEVILL! We will chat sometime soon, no worries!