Sunday, October 3, 2010

Teen Age Wasteland

So, my family was gone this weekend - the young men with their dad at a men's retreat.
Gone. But not forgotten.

I did a 5 K walk yesterday - for Courage to Be You, which is raising money to complete their girls' home for girls who were sold into the sex trade and now are recovered, and need a place to live. I walked and talked with a friend, while her family ran the 10 K. It was great weather, in a beautiful location.

Today I cleaned the house and listened to 70's rock on Direct TV - with the sound system on.

I was folding clothes when Baba O'Reily came on.

I jumped up, cranked the sound so the neighbors could enjoy it too, and danced around. The dogs did not know what I was doing. They looked at me like I was the vacuum cleaner or something - "Should we run for it? What's she doing? Should we run for it?"

I very much enjoy the irony of a woman who is old enough to get the senior discount at Ross on Tuesday, dance around to an anthem for teenage rebellion.

My wobbly arms swinging in air pumps, giving it to the man.

It was fun and I decided it was blog worthy.

So there you are!


  1. hee hee! Well, good for you, C4C! We're never gonna be too old to stick it to the man! Or have him stick it to, yeah....

  2. LOL! Good for you on several counts... that you are dancing and having fun, that you can confuse and confound the canines and that you walked for such a worthy cause.

    Have you ever read the book "Sold"? A heartbreaking story but heroic too.

    Keep dancing C4C! I know, I have a favorite song where one of the lines is "for kids like you and me" and I always feel funny singing that part.

    laura b.-- Hee hee!

  3. laura - sounds good to me ;-)

    Ananda - I have not read Sold. Heroic sounds good. Heartbreaking, not so good. We still ARE kids, somewhere in here, aren't we? I have really felt the same, inside, all my life. Hence, I suppose, Baba O'Reily.

    Love you both!

  4. I must be losing it, thought I already commented on this post. Probably one of those deals where you read it and are about to comment and then something happens and it sits there for several hours and you never get back to it. Glad to see you doing good deeds and also freaking out the dogs.

  5. texla - thanks! it's good to do both - especially freak out the dogs! it's so fun!

  6. Great! I have to listen to the song. And that sounds like a good cause to walk for, for sure.

  7. Pamela - I love the song, but I am older than dirt - so who knows how good my hearing is ;-)