Sunday, November 28, 2010

Well, I Guess Second Honeymoons Aren't Guaranteed

Me and the Mister is officially Splitsville. And it ain't my fault (directly).

He was in love before he met me and he has been back and forth with the lady love several times during our 37 year relationship.

And now he's made his choice, again, and there you have it.

The kids are grown and I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!

So I will be getting a divorce and finding a new life.

I just might blog about it, too.

Why not? I am thinking I will have lots of extra energy, not having to deal with the emotional baggage.

Of course, that sounds silly, 'cause what are divorces but emotional whirlwinds with baggage flying all over?

But I gotta make myself a new life, and I think I will need to process it through writing.

And blogs make your writing look so pretty!

So here I go!

Fuck it, Dude, let's go bowling!


  1. Bummer, but maybe not, sometimes worrying about something is worse than when it finally happens.
    A new life, kind of scary, but it opens up so many possibilities.

  2. Divorce is hard, but being with someone who wants to be somewhere else is hard too. At least this way, you can make choices that will please you, instead of ones that will placate your partner.

    The world is there, just waiting! Can't wait to see what you find there.

  3. Dang. That sucks. I've found blogging helps. Especially because we have so many supportive friends here. I encourage you to write about it. God bless!

  4. texla - thanks. you are right on all counts. not as bad as i thought, scary and exciting!

    laura - i'll let you know what i find! i know about the placating, too. already i see my mind frame changing.

    3girl - thank you! God bless you too! i will write, i will!

  5. NoRegrets - Here's why I am so calm - When he first left, the day after the Xmas Joe-Ash was diagnosed with a fatal disease (27 years ago), I felt like I was hit by a truck - my world fell apart - I was anything but calm. The second time he left, after the Xmas when I gave Joe-Ash a kidney (16 years ago) I felt like someone died - it sucked. This time, the day after Thanksgiving (when Joe-Ash is getting weaker and weaker) I was relieved. Yeah, so he wants another woman who is not me - and has wanted her for one zillion years - yeah, it is what it is and I gotta go on. I have nothing to prove to anyone - I just gotta go on with what's left of my life. There you go. Or So be it.