Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The ABC of Feelings - E

According to Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D, in ABC Feelings: A Learning/Coloring Book, E is for feeling excited. She says,

"Can you think of a time when you felt excited?
It sounds like you were really happy, knowing good things were about to happen. I (I kid you not, this is what it says) bet you felt like a rocket ready to take off."

Now I'm stuck on the orgasm thing, but I don't think my elementary students will get that: I should be safe to share E with them.
(I'm going to use this book next year for writing prompts for my students.)

A time when I felt excited?

I feel a low level of anxiety a lot of the time, but tonight, right now, with the house empty, the windows open and the train sounds in the distance, I feel calm and peaceful and joyful.

I have a car that runs, a home with a view of trees, a clean kitchen and almost enough money to pay next month's bills, not to mention hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing, electricity, a big ass TV, a Netflix account (Big Love season 2 discs 2 and 3 are coming tomorrow!!!!), wireless internet access, a MacBook provided by my work, two loving dogs, a cat that's cute (but kinda nuts!), a husband who works 100 miles away and comes home on the weekend, three sons, one with a wonderful girlfriend, and 2 roommates (my youngest son and one of his friends) who pay cash money rent....

My needs and wants are mostly met - what else could I want here at Casa de Refugio?

Hey I'm almost feeling excited thinking about how great I have it!

So, I'm going with that answer.

I feel excited that I am feeling so contentedly joyful!

How about you?

Can you think of a time you felt excited -

like a rocket that is ready to take off?


  1. Your life does sound exciting. It is as though you are in the perfect place at the perfect time :-)

    I am lucky to have lots of excitement in my life, between the kids and grandkids. If I am honest, however, my big shining excited moment was when I realized that DR loved me and I loved him and I could have that! It felt amazing.

  2. I'm kind of excited in a slow motion kind of way right now. I'm moving, or getting ready to. My wife and I bought a house in the country, a real fixer upper, kind of like Green Acres. We have a house in town that we will have to sell, now that home sales are at an all time low. But still, I'm excited about the change in our lives. Our kids are grown up and on their own, a good time to downsize and be sensible. I'm an old country boy, it will be nice to live out of town where there are less rules and regulations.

  3. laura - yay for perfection on my part - usually i don't notice it, but yesterday i did!

    thank you so much for sharing your love story. i feel honored.

    texla - getting a new house is exciting! back to the country! i am sure you will sell your town house - people still need to live in houses. and a fixer upper - you can make it anything you want! wonderful! as for being sensible - good luck!!!!

  4. I was so excited to leave work my last day and get down to my new home at sanctuary that I did feel like I was blasting off like a rocket.

    New life brings lots of new excitement and revisiting of the typical kind. ;-)

    Happy Fourth to you and yours! Sorry I am late to the game. My computer is wacko right now.

  5. ananda - and blast off you did!!! again, i am so happy for you! like oregon itself, where i feel that the world is right, ecologically speaking, knowing that there is happiness out there to be had, makes me feel that the world is right, relationally speaking.

    Happy Fourth!