Monday, December 14, 2009

Moday is the first day of my week

I lost my prescription tri-focal glasses in the power outage last week, and I have been wearing old reading glasses (+225), which did not have the power I needed.

I found a pair of glasses at the grocery store, the right strength (+275), but they were $19.95. Too much for a single pair of reading glasses, especially since you can get a pair at the Dollar Tree for a dollar. Granted $1.00 glasses fall apart quickly - but sheesh - $20.00 for a pair of glasses that I will soon lose is too much moolah.

So today after work (work work work!) I went to Costco and got 3 pair of reading glasses for $18.00.

(That's not really them, but they do have some fun looking glasses there.)

They are a better quality that Dollar Tree, come with their own individual storage bag cleaning cloths and three pair might get me to next Christmas (yeah, right!), when I can get another pair of glasses on the VSP insurance plan.

So I have another year of wearing my glasses at the end of my nose and looking down and up at people at the same time.

I also got 10 pound of potatoes, 8 pounds of onions, 3 different kinds of berries, 12 containers of floss, three cartons of Silk, 3 pounds of broccoli and salad.

Oh and potato chips. Which I so needed.


Ahhh, the joys of Costco consumption. Wait, isn't that a Victorian disease? Oh please! Now I have the vapors!


  1. bwahahah! Ah, C4C, you crack me up :-) Shopping at Costco, which I can only do if I glom onto someone else, is a joyous occasion for me, I'll admit it.

    I have just thought I needed reading glasses in the past year or so, but haven't yet acted on it. It will probably take something humiliating to force me to actually get glasses. And I LOVE glasses! But I procrastinate like that.

  2. laura - i imagine that you'll get glasses when you can't read anymore. that's what i did!

    thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Wow. I don't even know what the vapers is!
    I love my glasses! No, wait... that's cookies. Yeah. I hate my glasses.

  4. ananda - lqtm - you are so funny - glasses are your friends - cookies are evil.

    i don't know what the vapors is either, i imagine it was like hyperventilating or panic attacks or something. probably brought on by all the clothes they wore!