Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

Here's a picture I did not take
Here's a link about the Winter Solstice.
(You can also find a link to Brittany Murphy there - not very informative, though).

It's been a short day and a long night.

I am still not done with Christmas shopping. I am not really a fan of Christmas - I may have mentioned, but I will again, that a few summers ago I threw out all my Christmas stuff - I think I even tossed the Christmas stocking that my long gone (1988) mother knitted for me a million years ago. Can't find it anywhere :-(

So I start over with a white Christmas tree,

a Barbie and

a new holiday candy tradition.

Have a lovely long winter's night.

Great love.


  1. Thanks! I intend to. Heard from an old friend who brightened up my night. Heard from a new friend who keeps my nights bright. How much better can it get? ho ho ho

    Love the Barbie.

  2. Ananda - keep the great spirits going! your positive so]pin is an inspiration to me~ ho ho ho

    Thanks for the Barbie love!

  3. Have a great holiday!

    So can I count you as one of those who are 'waging a war' against Christmas?

    Because if you are, I would find that awesome. I actually like christmas, but I love all those crazies who think there's a war against christmas.

  4. Sebastien - I toggle between waging war, peaceful acceptance and outright apathy.

    What does over indulging have to do with Jesus? Why did the Church embrace a pagan holiday and try to make it their own? Bad DNA, I'd say.

    But I do love to give gifts to people I love......therein lies the insanity.

  5. C4C, I am not really too Christian, but I think we share some of the same attitudes about Christmas none the less.
    I love the Winter Solstice though :-D
    And isn't there something uniquely satisfying about starting fresh? I think so.

  6. laura - i agree - you said something earlier about the social pressure to observe Christmas and I sooo agree! i try not too and i always give in. last year i bought a cheesy lawn ornament for a tree a week before the day. - but now i have my white tree and it is a great fresh start!