Saturday, December 26, 2009


I'm going to northern Los Angeles county tomorrow to pick up my new dog!

I am so excited!

I'm going to name him P'Headro. (That's the only way I could think of having Pedro pronounced in the correct Napoleon Dynamite manner.)

Here he is with his mom, Lady, and siblings. My husband took this photo on his iPhone when the litter was about 5 days old. I haven't seen them since. (They stopped in on their move from Washington state to northern Los Angeles county.)

Here is a picture of P'Headro with my friend taken on her daughter's iPhone - isn't technology grand? My friend would probably kill me if she knew I was posting this picture, but I really just wanted you to see my newest little bundle of joy! He is the one on the left with the Dobie markings (my friend's right).

I am sure I am absolutely crazy to take on the challenge of raising a chihuahua puppy, but that's what I am. Actually, it's part of my name. Crazy.

[As for the Coens part, Dandu and Toothy got me The Coen Brothers Movie Collection for Christmas, including Blood Simple (I watched it today for the first time - good movie!), Raising Arizona (sound somewhat familiar?), Fargo, Miller's Crossing and Barton Fink, which coincidentally used to be my above friend's favorite movie {and her husband's nickname for her is Sunny - hummmmmm}.]

Aren't the holidays grand?


  1. Yes indeed they are! Congratulations on your new puddle of joy! Er... I mean bundle. ;-)

  2. he's a beauty.

    looks like you'll be eating at taco bell quite a bit in 2010.

  3. I have raised the total of one chihuahua puppy in my life and it was a wonderful experience. Lula bonded to me and was a constant companion. Decades later, I still miss that dog. She was smart, loyal, loving, and had the heart of a 100 pound dog.

  4. P.S. Your post makes me want another one...

  5. ananda - I love the photos!!! beautiful!

    but missing is a photo of you in the costume - that would be something to see!

    I don't think that is going to happen, it's not likely that she has ever posted a picture of her. And when I went to meet her in August she requested that I didn't post any pictures of her on my blog either.

    She's not exactly fat, but she isn't exactly trim either. And she isn't a beauty to look at, but she isn't hard to look at either.

    I like her, even though she is a bobble head, ha ha ha ha.

  6. Oh, congrats on your new baby! I would think a Chihuahua would be a challenge, but a fun one. I LOVE the name P'Headro :-)
    The holidays are grand. I forget that a lot, but they really are.

  7. Puddle of joy, I can't top Amanda girl's comment.

  8. Ananda - you so funny! luckily the carpet is already ruined ;-)

    billy - i guess i will - although i never quite forgave taco bell for dropping their chihuahua spokesperson. what were they thinking? it was the best set of commercials ever!

    cube - i am so glad to hear that - thank you! they have more than they can handle - so feel free to pick one up :-)

    BBC - Ananda has been my friend for years - so - i already know what she looks like form her teens to now - but thanks! she sure did post pictures of you - apparently you did not make the same deal with her

    laura - thanks and thanks!

    texla - i know - right?

  9. I'd love one, but I already have a 100+ German Shepherd who might not appreciate playing second fiddle to a tiny morsel of a dog.

  10. Um, That's 100+ pound German Shepherd.

  11. cube - i know what you mean about not wanting to play second fiddle. i don't know how our callie (13 year old arthritic sweet sweet almost blind) dog will feel about it.

    and ha ha - i did not notice the missing pound (my mind read it as being there) - it would be very funny to have 100+ german shepherds! i bet you're glad you don't!

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  13. marion Alena - Welcome! What fun to hear that someone new is looking in! Your comment made my day. Thank you!

  14. i was all excited that someone else was reading my blog and then i discovered that Alena/marion is a spammer with really bad syntax. such a bummer! what is this world coming to?