Saturday, December 12, 2009

We Had Snow and the World Stopped

I live in the foothills of Northern California. We get occasional dustings of snow, but nothing that even comes close to sticking, until last Monday, that is.

The snow caused the power to go out. The power going out causes everything here at Casa de Refugio to quit. No water, no heat, no internet, no coffee, no shower, no nothing.

I was HORRIFIED at my dependency upon power. I would have thought that I would live a fine life without electricity. Gotta have running water, but I'm okay without power. Or so I thought. And maybe if I had a wood burning stove or even a fireplace, and a way to get running water without electricity, it might really be true.

Anyway, here at the Casa without power, things went from a winter wonderland

to kinda horrifying (how could I be so dependent upon fossil fuel for every aspect of my life?) to downright cold and dark.

So, at about 7 at night, I got a room at the local Motel 6. Packed up Joe-Ash and Hold See and his roomate met us up there. A lovely warm room, with power and running water Whoo Who!

And guess what happened? Uh huh! The power went out! Indeed!

Turned out PG&E took the power away from Motel 6 and re-directed it to our house, in that we discovered that the electricity was back on at the Casa! Whoo Who again and a lovely drive back home, where heat and TV was enjoyed by all!


  1. Oh brother, how stressful. It is amazing how one gets used to these things. That's why I'm going to become a survivalist and live in Montana.

  2. Please, when you figure out that survivalist thing, draw some cartoons that show me how to do it right.

  3. Pretty pics. Sucks about the power, I've been in that situation, makes you realize what electricity junkies we are. I've got a fireplace and gas heat (that needs no electricity) and water. I use to have battery powered tvs but the HD thing messed that up. No tv or computer gives me cabin fever pretty quick though.

  4. texla - i know what you mean! cabin fever sets in quickly in california! we are pretty much wusses.