Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday -Ho Hum

Today I wore my Santa hat to school.

Here I am in my Santa hat.


I ate potato chips and broccoli for dinner.

My husband sprained his ankle at work and is home for a week. On vicodin.


But I do have something exciting to share - Mildrid is ready for me to share their myspace space. So here it is Mildrid Music on myspace.

Way more than hum.


  1. You look quite flashy in that get up ;-)

  2. I guess I should feel sorry for him but I'm more like "Lucky! Gets Vicodin!"
    Cube's right you do look quite flashy.
    I listened to a couple of the Mildrid tunes, not bad, a different kind of sound that I could get use to.

  3. I ♥ Mildrid! Yay!

    Like your santy hat picture too...the artist becomes the art.

    Hope your husband feels better soon. And leaves some leftover vicoden for, uh, emergencies.

  4. C4c-- Yay! Mildred is here!

    Tell the hub to get better quick.

    I love the photo!

  5. cube - lqtm - indeed i am quite flashy when i'm hiding behind a camera flash!

  6. texla - i think he's pretty happy about the prescription himself - and the week off doesn't hurt either

    - mildrid is a bit different but quite catchy, too. thanks for listening! there is an itunes connection - feel free to purchase - then i could up the rent! hahah

  7. laura - vicodin makes me sick - demerol is more my speed - does it come in pills? thanks for the mildrid love and the santy hat comment.

  8. ananda - i'll pass the well wishes on to hub. and to mildrid as well.

    a side note - my current facebook picture is actually the real midrid.

    thanks for the photo love. I kinda liked it too, and hold see laughed when i showed it to him, so i knew it was a keeper.

  9. Cool! I've been waiting to check out Mildred forever. Will check out the myspace.

  10. Sebastien - I think you will like them :-)