Sunday, December 20, 2009

School's Out for Two Weeks!

Isn't that nice?

After 3 bell choir performances (I suck, by the way - but did look truly festive in my Santa Hat, red jacket and Starbucks deer pinned to my chest - no photos survived, sorry), one get together, one party and one Messiah performance (not at school), I am ready to get ready for Christmas at home with the fam.

BTW - The rocky road candy turned out well enough for gifting - here are a couple of guys ready to go (and already gone!)

The white tree is up. Check. (I really wanted a white tree, and when I got it and put it up, I really liked it. I thought to myself, so that's what it feels like to want something for myself and then get it - humm.)

The wreath is on the door. Check.

Some presents are wrapped. Check.

The tablecloth and napkins are made and in place. Check.

The cards are made, but not sent. Humm. I may not send them, as I don't seem to have the note writing and signing and addressing in me. Humm again.

I am trying to decide what to have for Christmas dinner.

I bought tamales for Christmas eve - one of our parents makes them and sold a dozen for $12. So I got 18 pork and 18 chicken. I ate one of the chicken - it was good! The rest are in the freezer. I am not sure how to reheat them, and I am not sure what to serve with tamales for Christmas Eve dinner. Any suggestions?

Christmas morning will be an egg dish, with canned Ortega chilies and cheese and homemade Cinnabon cinnamon roles, juice and coffee.

Dinner will be either ham (not feeling it), beef of some sort, duck, lasagna, or ???

What are you favorites for Christmas dinner?

Really, I am looking for suggestions. Help a gal out.

While I taking a photo of the tree, I saw the dog bed I just bought, and the dog sleeping next to i. She has not slept on it yet - she has put her head on it and Mildrid has slept on on it - but she has not ventured to get her whole body on it. I snapped it to share with you.

I also caught the chickens on the front porch when I went out the to photo the wreath - so I snapped them to share, too.

Here's to my 2 week vacation!!!! Yay!!!

May you get some time to yourselves, as well!


  1. Wow your house looks great! Mine has zero Christmas in it yet. Yikes... I better get on the stick. Always... thank you for the chickens!

    We have turkey and a roast and all the trimmings. Pretty blah. But I'm making Boudin for New Years.
    It's sort of a spicy Cajun sausage treat and dirty rice. Yum!

    Glad you did something that you wanted for you. Good job sweetie! Pretty.

  2. Turkey roast and Boudin - all sound YUMMY! Thanks!!!

  3. You've been so busy! I agree with Ananda, your house looks great! And I am quite jealous of the lucky stiffs who got the rocky road candy

    Tamales sound goooood. If it were me, I'd just serve them with rice and beans and be done with it. But I'm not exactly a world class chef.

    I am pretty meh about ham too. Lasagna though! Yeah...lasgna. Get some nice bread and a pretty colorful salad and danged if you aren't good to go.

  4. may i suggest a light christmas meal.

    nothing spoils a good dessert like a heavy meal.

  5. laura - thanks for the comments. you are always so positive!!! i like the sound of lasagna - thanks so much for the input! i am really leaning towards lasagne with bread and salad.

  6. billy - thanks! i had not even thought of dessert. light meal - dessert. actually it sounds kinda Christmas-ee. What kind of dessert would you suggest?

  7. I like tamales especially the kind like that, made by someone that really knows how to make them. You have chickens? I think that's cool, it just surprises me.
    Do y'all like pecan pie? I wonder if it's widely enjoyed or more regional.

  8. texla - yep, chickens! they have a little pen, but they jumped the fence and now they wander around the yard. i am not sure where they are laying, though :-(

    Pecan pie sounds great! it might be regional - my husband's family is from Arkansas and they always had pecan pie at gatherings back when his grandma was running things. what a great idea - thanks!

  9. Too cute with the dog. That's what our last dog would do... our current dog loves his dog beds, any carpet, anything fluffy.

    Cool chickens. I want chickens and a pygmy goat.

  10. Sebastien - To quote a friend who was quoting a movie, "It's good to want things." I have seen those pgymy goats. They are cure.

    We have a neighbor who had a bunch of them, but they ate all the vegetation and they are now gone and new trees have been planted,

    Be careful what you wish for, I'd say.

    Sheesh on the dog not sleeping on her bed, but it is good to know that she's not the only one who has done such stuffs.

    Nice chatting with you!