Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Rain Rain Rain

P'Headro chewing on his extra small sweater (which is too big and pinned at the top so it won't fall off).

P'Heado licking his chops.

P'Headro, just being cute.

P'Headro on Joe-Ash's lap.

So here is my, stress, and more work.

Money worries (won't turn on the heater because the propane tank is on 10% and there is no money until next month).

Pouring rain, lots of wind.

If I were a drinking person, I would drink a bottle of wine.

If I were a smoking person, I would smoke a pack.

If I were a running person, I'd run a marathon.

P'Headro is great, though. As you can see above. (Even though his little coat smells like pee.)


  1. I know we need the rain...I know, I know...but I just hate it.

    P'Headro would cheer anyone right up though! Even with the pee coat :-)

  2. Good to see Joe-Ash too! I know that stress cycle. I hope you can get a break in the weather and walk some. Some quiet meditation maybe?

    laura b.--- pee coat... hahahaha

  3. laura - pee coat is right! and p'headro DOES cheer me up!

    Ananda - thanks! you are so right about the walking. i need an indoor circuit like yours. and your energy, gumption and courage!

  4. It's been like spring here, some of the trees are starting to bud. But its suppose to get cold next weekend. P'Headro looks cute, in his little orange suit.
    (I would have said jacket but it doesn't rhyme with cute.)

  5. ruby says some of her best friends have coats that smell like pee.

    got any snow? it might be worth a fortune up here when the olympics start if things don't get frosty.

  6. billy - i knew it! Rudy and P'Headro really do run in the same circle!

    no snow. it's actually quite unusual here. i hope you get some soon! (the coen brothers had to import snow for Fargo - maybe they could help out for the Olympics, too)

  7. 3rd picture of P'Headro should have a caption saying:

    "Look into my eyes. I am putting a trance on you. You will do my bidding. I control you."

    Hehe, sooooo cute.

  8. Sebastien - you are soo right! he controls all of us. i thought it was his overall cuteness, but now i know it's his eyes.