Sunday, January 24, 2010

It Sure is Warm in Here

So my friend at work read my last entry, was horrified that we did not have the heat on, worried about Joe-Ash in his snowboard jacket and gave me money to buy propane - also she loaned me an electric heater. (I will repay the loan and return the heater.)

Joe-Ash is gone this weekend, but P'Headro (and the rest of us) certainly are enjoying the heat.

P'Headro and Titus (blue) and Squeaky (green) enjoying a moment in front of the electric heater.

(Laura B. please note the James Brown hamster in the background!)
Please don't worry about the toys Barbara - we moved them away. No fire hazards here.

Peddy has been hanging out by the heater when he's not in some one's lap.....

The little orange spot on Chloe's (formerly Toothy) lap is P'Headro.

So, don't tell me blogging doesn't bring results. I actually thought nothing about freezing my family until the first of the month, but my friend at work was horrified.

This brings up many issues on all kinds of different levels, but let me say officially "Thank You Barbara! We are toasty and warm and quite content."

(I actually don't even have socks on - which does seem a bit wasteful, but there you go - warm and toasty.)

When Joe-Ash gets off the train and comes home, he will have a warm spot to come to. I bet he will even take off his snowboarding coat!


  1. How very nice of Barbara! And I gotta say again...I think P'Headro is a great name for that dog!

  2. haha! That is the great thing about friends...they care about us more than we care about ourselves :-) That is awesome.

    I LOVE the James Brown hamster! I feel good...I knew that I would now...

  3. Ken - It was nice of Barbara! P'Headro is a great dog and he needed a great name!

    laura - friends do care, don't they? I am so glad you appreciate the hamster! i thought you would!

  4. You poor guys, so happy you got your heat back on. P'headro is the bomb. I want that dog. I also want a baby grizzly bear. They will become best friends.

  5. sebastien - i can see the Chi hua hua and the grizzly - it's totally possible! i like the way your mind works!