Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So, as I told you a while back, I decided to get a Chihuahua puppy from a friend who had 4 puppies.

(OK, she didn't have the puppies, her Chihuahua Lady did.)

I went down to So Cal after Christmas and picked him up.

Here he is with his pack of origin.

Here he is with Rain River and one of his brothers, Chocolate.

Here he is on his own in Aqua Dulce (before I picked him up to bring him home - we do not have grass - so you will probably never see another picture of P'Headro on grass).

And here is precious P'Headro on Kimi's lap, here at home in Auburn.

He's a little cute cuddle love bug everybody wants to hold. Right now he's sleeping on my shoulder between my PJ's and my robe.

And here he is on Callie's dog bed (which she does not use and never will use now that P'Headro often runs to it in excitement, piddling along the way). Kimi's husband Caleb (of Mildrid fame) took this pic and put it on my Facebook wall.

Thems the haps around here.


  1. Oh boy..P'Headro is soooo cute! And what a lucky little fellow to be in your family, which always seems like a fun place to be :-)

  2. That is an awesome name for a chihuahua!

  3. He is pretty darn cute. It looks like you have a wonderful new addition to the family. Enjoy him.

  4. laura - thanks! P'Headro is a cutie!
    - it is fun to have lots of people around, as there sometimes are around the casa. and other times i crave time to myself. i think you posted something about that!

    KenV - Thanks on the name - I worked a while on designing it. First I came up with Pheadro and my hubby informed me that it was Fredo (not what I was going for!). I like your name too!

    Mr. Shife - He is cute, but not nearly as cute or satisfying as Baby Shife! Thanks for visiting!

  5. What a sweetie pie! You don't have grass and you've got a cute little dog... and a husband. Sheesh. Well, I'm envious of two anyway. ;-)

  6. OMG! congratulations, that is wonderful!!! what a cute lidle feller...

  7. He's the cutest of the bunch. Definitely the one I would've picked too. I'm envious of you having a pup you can carry... our Elke has passed the 100 pound mark. I'll just have to make do visiting my dog niece, Nugget, who looks very much like your pup.

  8. I was going to say something about her having puppies, good thing you nipped that in the bud.
    Looks like a tiny Rottweiler, very cute.

  9. Ananda - You so funny! Which 2 are you jealous of? Hardee har har!

    Sebastien - He is a cute lidle fella!

    billy - thanks!

    Cube - It is nice having a little dog - never had one before. visiting your neice dog should fill the quota, though. I hope you don't have to carry Elke too often!

    texla - he does look like a tiny rott - but he's not ;-) (Rott and not - - rhyme! - what I do @ work twice a day with Kindergarteners!)