Monday, January 25, 2010

One Hundred

This is my 100th post!

We have big 100th day celebrations at school - I suppose that it helps the youngsters count. And counting is so important. If you can't count, you can't do any rithmatic.

So there you go!

I have nothing much to share, no great revelations, nothing funny or sad to say.

Hey did you see the last Conan? I really enjoyed it. I liked that he encouraged his fans to not be cynical. He said that if you are kind (and I think he said work hard) amazing things will happen.

I also really enjoyed the last song with Will Ferrell singing and cow bell-ing. The singing went too long and the cow bell-ing was too short, but you can't have everything! I tried to get it off YouTube to share with you, but NBC has blocked it :-(

I noticed that Will was wearing a belt by Dru - we used to live down the street from him (Dru, not Will) - he wore bike pants and liked to rope my children. Boy oh boy, those were the days! (Sounds really bad now, doesn't it?)

One day Dandu came home with a rope burn around his neck. He doesn't remember that, but he does remember running around and getting roped by Dru. Hold See was best friends with Dru's little son, Nicky. (A tad bit off topic, but important none the less.)

Belt by Dru

He also made saddles and said we should get the kids registered with a tribe (my husband is 1/8 Indian and so the boys are 1/16 and still eligible for special stuff - like free dental). (My husband has researched and researched to try to prove his Indian heritage - but it was a shameful thing back in the day and no written records of a tribe exist :-( ) (If it were me, I'd find a tribe that would take me, but he's not me and vice-versa.)

Well, I guess I can find something to say, even when there is nothing to say! I guess that's why I now have 100 posts under my belt!

Ho ho ho!


  1. Congrats on the 100th post! I saw some clips of Conan's crazy expensive skits, those things were hilarious! I don't watch any of the late night shows, but I've always gotten a good vibe from Conan, he always seemed funny. Leno is not my style. Letterman ain't for me either...

  2. i like the photo. i hope she's having a good stiff drink to go with the smoke.

    they say the first hundred posts are the hardest.

  3. Congrats!
    I use to encourage my dad to rope me. Sounds funny but I use to like to try to make it across the yard without getting roped.
    My wife and kids are only like 1/500th Indian but still get many great benefits. I'm much more than that but can't prove it, I don't get squat.
    Oh well, that seems fair.

  4. Yay for the 100th post! Congratulations! I like the story of the boys getting roped! Some people are just characters. Nice tie-in too. Big grins.

  5. Congratulations on reaching 100 posts! I remember 100 day at school. Each of my kids had to bring 100 of something when they were in Kindergarten. It was all tres exciting.

    My ex is half Indian and has his card...the kids are a quarter, but we still haven't gotten around to getting them their cards. It is this major ordeal. It is very cool though.

  6. Congratulations on your 100th post. It will only get easier with time.

  7. Happy 100! Just wait until it's 1000!

  8. Or 2660 like me. I must be a glutton for punishment ;-)

  9. sebastien - thanks for the congrats! conan is the best of the group - i don't know why more folks didn't watch him.

    billy - you make me laugh and that's a good thing! thanks for showing up!

    texla - i think dandu actually enjoyed the roping himself.

    i am sorry that your family did not document your heritage -

    and it does NOT seem fair....

  10. ananda - thanks! tying things together is what i do!

    laura - somehow i do not remember the 10th day with my kids....either they are too old, or i was too busy....maybe the ex could help the kids get their heritage card? or not.

    cube - thanks! I hope it gets easier...thanks for the encouragement!

  11. pamela - 100! i suppose it could happen :-)

    cube - 2660! wow-skers!