Sunday, June 13, 2010

The ABC of Feelings

I got a writing prompt book for my students. It's called ABC Feelings. It's really for facilitating conversations between parents and their children.

I am going to use it for a writing prompt for my students - to help them write about something of interest to them and to maybe help them navigate their way through their childhood a bit more smoothly.

I have decided to use it here, as well.

Mainly because of something the author, Alexandra Delis-Abrams, PhD. wrote in the introduction, 'The study of FEELINGS attracted me when I saw that people suffer depression, stress, disease - a state of imbalance - when they fail to understand the source of their feelings."

So here is my adventure into the land of feeling........

A is for Feeling Accepted

I have felt accepted and part of a group occasionally.
Sometimes at work, sometimes at church (not so much) and usually when blogging, and almost always at home with my family (hubby and kids and their friends).

The first time I remember feeling truly accepted and part of the group was way back in the day when I went to a private "free" school in 11th grade.

Ananda School.

Oh my, was that a great year, and I felt truly accepted for who I was. It truly was free of form; bliss.

That's where I met my great and true friend, Ananda Girl.

It didn't last, unfortunately, something to do with a teacher loving a student, personality conflicts and stuff like that, but oh it was fun while it lasted!!!!!

Can you think of a time when you felt accepted and part of a group?


  1. There have been many times I have felt accepted, but none have ever lasted as long as family situations. Unfortunately, school and jobs end. I look forward to the next time when I will feel among my kindred.

  2. cube - being among kindred is wonderful!

    and what is family, but kindred?

    thanks for visiting!!!!!

  3. Yes, family first, of course. They have to love you, in theory, and mine do, in practice :-)

    Otherwise, one of the great experiences of my life was being involved in competitive skating while growing up. That was where I learned what it was like to really share a common interest and common goals with people outside of my family.

    Great post idea and I can only imagine what a great hit this will be with your students.

  4. PS- Your blog looks purdy :-D

  5. laura b. - you sure have a way with words! yay for your family loving you in practice!

    competitive skating, ay? like roller derby?

    thanks on the new blog look....i can't really take credit for it - it was so easy - click twice and it's mine!

  6. god bless ananda.

    i feel accepted with the regular commuters i see on the bus each day.

  7. billy - i agree with the god bless ananda!

    any ritual that puts you close to others does speak of acceptance.

    my daily drive to work, with me in one car alone and others alone in their cars, does not engender acceptance.....

    hmmm, interesting.......

  8. I've felt most accepted with the group I met through NaNoWriMo. I was never particularly accepted during my grade school and high school days, but after all of that I fell into my own.

  9. Alien - What's NaNoWriMo?

    I know what you mean about falling into your own. We think school is the be all and end all, but it isn't. I think most folks can find a niche when left to their own devices.

    Hello again, BTW!

  10. Ananda!
    That was where I truly found me and accepted who and what I was... and made the best friend in the whole world. Not to mention a few others. Funny how one short year could alter us so completely.
    Love, hate... joy and what a source for great stories. I have never belonged so utterly to any group before or since. That I have you and Patrick is such an amazing thing... so many years below the underpass of life... you both abide and strenthen me, give me courage to do the crazy stunts I still manage to pull off and revel in my glories. I will always belong to you, C4C. Always.

  11. P.S.
    I love the new blog look... thanks for leaving the fish. I never get tired of feeding them.

    billy pilgrim-- ananda is blessed!

  12. ananda - awwwww, shucks. ditto

    do the dandelions remind you of anything?

    also - i would never get rid of the fish - i love them! and now they are ever so convenient!