Monday, June 21, 2010

The ABCs of Feelings - C

Today's letter is C. It stands for CONFUSED.

(I didn't know confused was an emotion ~ I thought it was a state of being!)

The question that the book ABC Feelings: A Learning/Coloring Book by Alexandra Delis-Abrams, PhD, is, "Can you think of a time when you felt confused?"

She also says, "When a person feels confused, it's a a good idea to stop what he's doing, take a few deep breaths, and relax inside. That helps him choose what he wants most."

Well, there you go.

I am often confused when people say one thing and then do another. Or say one thing and then say another and then do yet another.

When one plus one does not equal two, I get confused.

I am not much of a game player.
I don't count cards, I play what's in my hand and rarely give a thought to what is in anyone else's.
Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

Gullible, that could describe me.

Anyway, when people are duplicitous, I get confused.

Unless, of course, I see them as a duplicitous whole - like ying-yang man above.
"I yam what I yam, a ying-yang man."
Nothing confusing about that!

So - can you think of a time when you felt confused?
(Note to self - it says "felt", not "were")


  1. it usually costs me a lot more than a dollar to find out i'm gullible.

  2. I fell confused regularly, but probably not genuinely. I know by now the duplicitousness found in working for a government agency and can really only fake confusion.
    The last time I felt real, true confusion was when DR told me he "had" to go back to North Carolina. In spite of discussions and explanations, I remain a bit confused there.

  3. billy - ain't that the truth!

    laura - i am sorry about the continuing DR confusion. only the opposite sex can truly confuse, i suppose. them and governmental agencies! ;-)

  4. oh man, in the last year i think i am so easily confused. it's very disconcerting.

  5. Yikes! Getting confused costs me money... this morning I went to send a money gram, got the amount wrong and had to send another.

    Confusion is sort of there like a shadow lurking behind me. I'm sure you are correct and it is an actual state of being.

    I loves ya!

  6. lime - i am sorry you are easily confused. i have no advice, as i, too, am easily confused! deep sigh.

    Ananda - i was so going with feeling rather than state of being. hey a book said it, so it must be true. loves ya too!

  7. Ha. As for gullible... well let's say I am indeed and it has made for an amusing life.

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  9. Ananda - i really admire your ability to be amused - i, instead, get angry. amused is way better!

  10. I once posted about how it was funny that gullible isn't in the dictionary, but everyone knows what it means.

    Yes, a few bit :-)

    My strongest sense of confusion came while I sat in organic chemistry class staring at a test question about something that had never, ever been covered in class or lab. All those hours of study and utter confusion can still jump up and smack you in the head.

    It isn't a good feeling.

  11. cube - that's funny!!! :-)

    i have taken a few tests where they seem to ask questions never dealt with in class - but i don't think i studied as thoroughly as you did, so i couldn't be sure.

    confusion is not a good feeling, is it?