Monday, June 28, 2010

I Took Some Photos Today

Taking a break from my feelings, I would like to share some photos that I took today.

This is our court house.

I did not know it - until today - but -
We have swallows!
They were zipping all over.
(I did not really get any good pictures of them - Ananda Girl knows about that!)

But I did get some pretty good photos of their nests.

And I saw something kinda horrifying -

there was a baby swallow on the grass, with a blue jay hopping around and poking at it.

I thought, hey, I should do something about that!

So I walked over closer to it, and what do you think that pesky evil mean blue jay did?
Flew away?
Well, you'd be partially right.
That stupid jay flew away WITH the baby swallow, right up into a big magnolia tree.

This is a little creek going under a local road, not far from the court house, that (the road, not the creek) used to be the major thorough-fare, taking you to many towns. Now it is a lovely road to drive, but absolutely not the fastest way to get to work.

I also made some pot holders today. It was fun!

All in all, I would have to say that I am enjoying my summer vacation.
Oops, I just talked about feelings, even though I said I wouldn't!


  1. Good pics. I like swallows, there use to be some where I worked. In late summer before they flew back to? central america? They would all line up on the power lines. It was like they were making sure everyone was present and accounted for. One year one of them was hurt and two or three stayed behind until the hurt one was ready to fly. They would always come back during spring break.

  2. texla - how sweet! oh.... thanks for sharing that touching story! yay swallows!

  3. Just saw this post! I can't believe how blue the sky is in that picture of the courthouse.
    Don't even want to think about that poor baby!
    And I love your potholders!

  4. laura - thanks for dropping in to visit! I know - poor baby bird! and i love the potholders, too. thanks!