Monday, December 27, 2010

Casa de Refugio Also Accepts Dogs

This is "Scarlet"
- so named because she is covered in scars and has one gaping wound
- which I just treated with neosporin covered with a bandage pad
and wrapped with tape
(and she let me).

I must say that a pit bull is a dog that I have a healthy fear of.
They are powerful and awesome animals.
One snap and my little P'Headro would be done for.

Scarlet is a sad little thing though.
She is skinny skinny skinny.
And she has all kinds of wounds all over her body.

Roomer (Hold See's friend) De'Rone found her Christmas night,
at about midnight, running in the road
(or standing, I don't know)
by the low income apartments down the road from us.
He texted me the next day -
What?, was my response.
I went downstairs and there she was
curled up in a tight little ball on his bed.

Today I had him bring her upstairs to see how she got along
with P'Head and Callie.

They all seem to get along ok -
although Callie really does not like
that Scarlet curls up on the couch
(Callie hasn't been able to get on the couch
for a long time).
Callie has barked barked three times at Scarlet.
Scarlet doesn't seem to mind or care.
Scarlet sleeps most of the time.
She has eaten some,
peed in the house twice and pooped, in the house,
Despite all the walks.

Da'Rone made flyers and will post them
(he has already posted by the apartments).
I am not sure what will happen with Scarlet,
but she is pretty comfortable here now.
I am going to google pit rescues;
see if someone will take her.
Da'Rone knows someone who wanted a dog,
and maybe he'll take her.

She's sweet, for now,
but do I want another dog?
Will she work with Callie and P'Headro
once she wakes up and feels better?

Things that make you say hummmm?



  1. ruby was 35lbs when we adopted her. now she's 90lbs.
    when we first got her i'd take her outside to pee and all she wanted to do was eat bugs. i guess that was one of her main food stuffs when she was a street urchin.

  2. billy - yum, bugs! wow on the 35 pounds to 90 - that's a lot of skinny. she's so lucky to have you!

  3. Poor Scarlet. I hope she returns to health and is still able to be gentle and sweet for whoever ends up with her.
    I am always newly shocked by how cruel people can be to animals.

  4. laura - it is sad, isn't it?
    Scarlet growled at P'Head twice and son Hold See once yesterday. She's back downstairs now.
    P'Head knows nothing of abuse - and I want to keep it that way.