Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miramar Beach and Half Moon Bay

The day after Christmas, I drove to the ocean.
(To avoid seeing STBX)

It was a winsome day.
(I'm learning myself new words for beautiful.)
I felt joy!

I parked at Miramar Beach and walked
up and down the coast for about 4 hours.

I took pictures and listened to my new iPod
(my sons are awesome!!!!!!).

I have no idea who built this or why, but it was a wonderful photo opportunity.

This shack was right on the cliff above the ocean.
I would happily live here -
walking up and down the ocean
I had a silly grin on my face -
imagine if I actually lived there!

Then I drove to Half Moon Bay -
found the main street shop walking place,
got out and walked.

This place had all kinds of cool stuff outside
like a bathtub full of broken glass.

This was the dog parking spot.
Lots of people had their dogs, and lots of shops
(probably all of them!)
did not allow pets inside.

And, finally, here is a church with dark clouds over it.

And that was my Sunday.
How was yours?



  1. What beautiful photos! I really love the beach...everything about it seems winsome to me :-) The dogs all tied by the bench reminds me of an old West hitching post for horses.

    I'm glad you had a great day there.

  2. laura - a great day i did have! thanks.

    And I had not thought of the hitching post, for some reason. I guess those cowboys couldn't take their horses into the bar, could they? Then where did all those "A horse walks into a bar" jokes come from?

  3. That bathtub looks like mine but it was full of sand instead of glass, now it's in the bathroom, works great. My Sunday was pretty good, some Sundays aren't. I guess you could say you winsome you losesome. ;)

  4. texla - Good job on the bathtub! Glad you had a good Sunday. And haha!

  5. how nice! My Sunday was a day of not getting out the door until 2:30 and even then just going to 2 stores. And made dinner for my family. So, a very nice day.

  6. NoRegrets - Lazy-ish Sundays are good and lazy-ish Sundays with family are even better! Yay!

  7. Oh I do miss the beach! Lucky you... and I can't think of a better place to avoid anyone. Good for you. I am not good at communication these days, but I think about you every single day. Much love to you, my dear, dear friend.

  8. Ananda - If only the beach were closer...... but I can drive there and back in a day, if I am VERY motivated!

    When next we get together we should go to your central coast - that would be beautiful!

  9. Thank you for sharing your walk. Beautiful! I love how sweet and patient the dogs look! And that last photo of the church with the dark clouds is awesome! You've got a great eye!

  10. I always loved visiting the coast in CA. There is some really eclectic stuff. And the conversations with the fisherman can be interesting.

    Awesome pictures!

  11. 3Girl - I love the coast too. I have never talked to a coastal fisherman (that I remember) however. I bet that is really interesting.

  12. I think that is a wonderful idea! Let's do it.
    Big cheesy grin!

  13. Okay! Am I going up there or are you coming down here?