Saturday, December 25, 2010

It Was a Good Day

Today was a good day.
I was with my family and I love them very much.
We had good food and good fun.
We had tequila jello shooters.
We rushed off to the movie theater at 11:20 in the am to see True Grit.

There were so many people there.
I was so happy for my Ditkas.
They have many fans.

People were actually laughing!
I have sat through so many Coen brother movies where I was the only person laughing.
Today the whole theatre was laughing!

(Although someone behind Chloe said, "I don't understand why these people are laughing." - Sounds like my STBX - who was not present today by my request - I mean who leaves his wife after Thanksgiving and expects to spend Christmas with her - although I am sure it was the kids he wanted to be with - not me - So he will be here tomorrow and I will not - driving to the ocean in the rain - that's what I will be doing - yes indeed - anyway back to how great today was.....)

I am so happy and proud that the Coens are doing so well - although there is a part of me who doesn't want to share them....what's that about?

Anyway, today was a good day!

I hope all of you had a day at least as good as mine. At least.



  1. billy - you got that right!

    and this morning, there is an abandoned pit bill downstairs. Hold See's friend brought her home/found her/I don't know what - but there is a tan female pit bull teenager curled up on his bed downstairs. She is obviously traumatized, skinny, has teeth scars on her and sweet. I hope she doesn't mess with P'Headro, 'cuz he's the light of my life right now.

    Another Christmas miracle. Now if only the dishwasher would start working again........

    Off to the ocean I go. I'll take pictures.

  2. Good for you for putting your foot down and splitting the holiday with the STBX. He doesn't get special consideration now...he made his choice!
    I have heard soooo many good things about True Grit! I know that feeling though, of sort of not wanting everyone to discover YOUR thing :-)
    Hope you beach trip was wonderful!!!

  3. laura - thanks - I thought it was a bit odd of me not wanting to share..... You have now normalized my experience.

    True Grit was awesome! I am thinking of going again. Even my blind son liked it and wants to see it again.

    And the beach was awesome!