Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Family Rocks!

So, you know how I am ending my recent blog entries with
"Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling."?

Well my awesome kids indulged me tonight.

First we went out for Thai food - which was good - yummy!

And then we went bowling!

And Chloe bought a round of White Russians!

It brought tears of joy to my eyes to be so blessed!

What a treat for us Achievers!

I am so thankful for my kids.

I would never have had them if it weren't for that crazy dude who married me even though he was in love with someone else.

So it wasn't a bad thing after all, in the end.

I once worked with a woman who said that her marriage was the best mistake she ever made, because of her kids.

I know what she means.

Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling!


  1. I just showed this to my son and he said it was kind of immature. Sheesh! What's he talking about?

  2. as we age it's nice to have nothing to prove and be able to bask in immaturity. trying to act mature is for children.

  3. billy - it is nice to have nothing to prove! you are correct! thanks for chiming in. always appreciate it!

  4. Hahahaha... that's funny. My kids roll their eyes at me all the time. I consider it a compliment.

    Good for you for getting out and having a good time. I want a white russian. Wish I could have been there too, but my bowling sucks.

    I'll have to do back posts. I've been working too many hours to blog as much as I've wanted but I'll get there.

  5. Very cool. Bowling is fun.

    My stbx once said she regretted marrying me. I told her I don't regret marrying her because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have my 3 beautiful girlies.

    I haven't had good Thai food in way too long. I'll bet Denver has some good places. I just need to find someone to go with.

  6. Ananda - Welcome! Now my universe is in balance! I am sure my kids will roll their eyes even more as I get more comfortable. I don't think I have been truly comfortatble for 37 years.......

  7. 3Girl -Bowling is fun! But my thumb hurt.

    You are so right. Regret is always mixed with reality and the reality is God gave me some awesome kids!

    Thai food is yum! And you could go by yourself..........

  8. That is the thing about can never feel that anything that led to them was a mistake, really. It had to happen. I find that pretty comforting when I am bemoaning wasted years :-)
    I'm glad yours took good care of you the other night.

  9. Sounds like a blast. I know what you mean about your family. I consider my kids my best work... well, Mr. Cube had a part in it, too ;-)

  10. My parents divorced when I was very young, and my birth-mother always says that the one good thing she and my father did together was making my brother and me.

    I just tried Thai food for the first time like a month ago and it was so good! I really loved it and it's so much better than Chinese. The Thai tea alone made the trip to the restaurant worth it.

  11. Red bowling balls! Yay!
    And glad you had a good time. Seem like great kids.

  12. Laura - Kids are great. You bemoan wasted years? I had no idea! Yep, me and mine had fun!

    cube - it was a blast and my kids are my best work and the STBX absolutely had a part in it.

    BrightenedBoy - Welcome to my crazy world! Isn't it good tow people did come together to make you. No other 2 people would have made you - you'd be somebody else and how sad would that be!

    Thai tea does rock! I am glad you have discovered the world of Thai!

    And again -Welcome!

  13. Pam - Bowling balls come in great colors nowawdays. Some even glow under black light. And my kids are great great great!