Saturday, December 11, 2010

There's a big empty hole where you used to be

I was going to blog about the above title, but there's nothing else to say about that.
No sadness, no anger,
just a big empty hole.

Then I read Ananda's last post and...... well, in my head, Lauck's and stbx are tied together in two fundamental ways......

(Ahh the Internet. Is there nothing you can't find a picture of?)

Way back in the day,
on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving,
I was leaving school

(city college - where all smart shoppers go to avoid being a senior in high school...since their parents refuse to allow them to go back to that hippie dippie free school),

on foot -

(that's how I got most everywhere back then,
that and hitching, bumming a ride and taking the bus -
just ask Ananda) -

and this scraggly

(lots of guys are scraggly in the 70's)

guy comes running up to me and asks me for my phone number.
I have seen him a couple of times before - in the music building and the cafeteria.
I debate -
give him a real number or a fake number, real or fake, real or fake?

Ah what the heck, at least he's tall enough

(at 6 feet, most of the males who have shown interest in me are not tall enough)


What does this have to do with Lauck's, you ask?
Ahh, Lauck's was the bakery of choice for my family.
My job this Thanksgiving was to pick up the rolls for Thanksgiving dinner.
Which is why I was leaving the school out this entrance at this particular time.

To be accosted by this scraggly stealer of years and sucker of life.
All I had to do was give him the wrong number.

But then what about my beautiful children?
What indeed.

Again, I'll go with "The best mistake I ever made."

The doorway where Ananda and I cracked up after the wild boy took out his rubber - again see her blog for more details....)

Lauck's also made our wedding cake.



  1. Wow. I guess life is really made up of these little moments that could have been missed...but that happened for a reason. Just keep remembering that it is all of the same piece. All the great stuff that happens from here on out will be because of what came before too.

  2. laura - you are such a bright spot in my cyber day! such upbeat wisdom! bless you my friend.

  3. I did not know that! How is it I never knew how you two met and got together? Oh well. laura b. is right... it happened for a reason and your children are treasures.
    Randy and I talk about this point too... that we had to experience what we each did to get to this place. Part of the road map. I know good things are in the wings for you!

    Hey... I got my wedding cake at Lauck's too. Maybe it was the cake! Maybe we should sue!

    I love the photos... it never even occurred to me to look for any. They gave me a great big grin. Thanks.

  4. Ananda - I can already see the class action suit! Lauck's goes down! Maybe is was the cake,or maybe it was the dress, or maybe it was the man. Hard to say ;-)

  5. Oh my dear... it was the men. Big grins my dearest friend.

  6. So, Miss Ananda, you are wiser now and have chosen well. Who knows what lies down that road for me. Who knows.

  7. I see wonderful things ahead for you!

    I don't know about wiser, but I tossed my old criteria right out the window and that certainly helped. I also found a guy to help me figure out men, realizing that I had proven that I did not know squat about them.

  8. I had no criteria (except height, I guess - and see how well that turned out!). What was your criteria? (notice how no men have chimed in on this?)