Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Day Another Dollar

Well, here I am.

I brought my camera home from work - so I will share chicken and egg pics. The chickens came first at my house - I could hear the question forming in your minds so I thought I'd answer it before you asked!

These are the first eggs from the Casa ladies. They were tasty. I cooked them up (the eggs, not the chickens - sheesh!) on Saturday. Joe-Ash asked what I put in the eggs - nothing - they were just good 'cuz they were fresh! They are very little, though. They will get bigger as the ladies mature.

Next, I would like to share a picture of Mildrid - our in-home cat and band name inspiration. She is very cute, but without any social skills or redeeming qualities.

And finally - I will share the last picture on my camera - the open door policy on the portable that is called Room 29 - Resource (AKA my room at school). It is a big Welcome! to the skunks in the neighborhood.

One day I was in my room early, before school, and I heard a hellacious racket under my room - I thought something was killing something else - it so freaked me out that I took off - almost running. It was sooo creepy! There was a strong aroma of skunk. I finally figured out, after talking to the custodian and other folks in the staff room, that no one was killing anyone, they were just having sex. I felt better after that and returned, somewhat grudgingly, but not fearful, to my room. If I had had students in my room when that happened, there would have been a lot of discussion for DAYS about it, after we all finally returned.


  1. You could be describing me. "without any social skills or redeeming qualities." LOL!
    Looks like a skunk trap.

  2. Aw, I like Mildrid's smile :-)

    I guess I can see why the skunks would feel like stepping right in...there is a certain welcoming air.

  3. Fun post C4C! I love your critters and well, the skunks had me laughing up a storm. I could see you in flight in my head. LOL

    Mildred is a character.

    I miss having chickens around. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. texlahoma - do you destroy sofas with your claws, too?

    laura b - Mildrid's smile is neat - it's her claws that are dangerous.

    I can see why the skunks would like the space, too - i think i just need to put out a welcome mat!

    Ananda girl - Yeah well, the skunks weren't so funny when it was happeneing!

    Chickens are nice to have around. You're welcome for the pictures.