Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am an Idiot

I totally mixed up the names and paperwork of two students today and even went on a home visit of one student with the other student's paperwork.

There was nothing I could do once I figured out my mistake but to admit (to all the people there - 2 teachers, 1 student teacher, 1 translator and 2 mothers and 3 kids) that I had the wrong paperwork - and ask mom to come by and sign the correct paperwork at school tomorrow.

I had all kinds of signs, but ignored them all. My realization was slow, but I guess the upside was that I did not have mom sign someone else's paperwork. I did finally figure out my mistake.

At least I didn't have to use a lifeline :-)



  1. I hate it when stuff like that happens. Take heart, most people will respect that you had the character to admit your mistake and quickly come up with a plan to keep things rolling.

    I had a dream about you last night. Did you have red white and blue overalls? Just a very small amount of white. Mostly navy and wine red. Maybe chord ones? Well if was very vivid and we were in the Chevy getting frosty cones.

  2. Chalk it up to an uncontrollable bout of insanity. It happens every so often. Don't beat yourself up over it.

  3. welcome to the club.

    i've been a practicing idiot for years.

  4. Aw, sorry C4C. Of course stuff like that happens to everyone, but when you are sitting there feeling silly it is so difficult to get past it.
    On the positive side, you weren't on national tv at the time :-)

  5. Ananda - I did have a pair of overalls that had some sort of American theme on the front packet - I turned them into a dress with an Indian bedspread in an upside down v for the shirt to make up for what legs didn't cover.

    Ah yes, the 57 Chevy!

    Alien - I seem to have those bouts! I mix up names and off I go down the wrong name trail!

    billy - now i feel better - thanks!

    laura - thanks for putting it into perspective! i am so glad that i was not on national tv!

  6. I love that millionaire clip, there are some hilarious one's on youtube. I think there is some French lady who goofs up so terribly, it is hilarious.

  7. Sebastien - Luckily youtube was not there to film me (Michael Scott homage) at that meeting. Sheesh.