Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday Musings on Trivial Tuesday

On Monday night, my husband and I, and Hold See and Joe Ash drove 40 minutes up the hill to see George Winston at a benefit concert. Benefiting a music school for the community. Also we were told to bring canned food for the local food bank. All the proceeds of the CD sales went to the food bank too. Hold See picked these 3 cans to take (yeah, I know we were 1 light - my husband decided to come as an after thought) - vegetarian chili, barely soup and crab meat. It will be interesting hungry people who pick out that food.

Anyway, the conversation going on behind us before the concert started was interesting. It started with some lady, older than me, whining about this and that. I stopped listening, it was so ridiculous. Then I heard something about blogging. I started listening again.

Man: We will get someone else to blog for us. We have better things to do with our time.

Whiny Woman: Oh I know what you mean.

Man's Wife: Debbie knows me really well, she could just blog for me.

Man: We have better things to do.

Whaaat? That was one weird conversation.

George played all kinds of stuff, and luckily my favorite of his.

And there you have it - Monday Musings on a Trivial Tuesday.


  1. Being someone who has gotten boxes at Christmas time from the food bank... yes indeed, those are interesting boxes of food. We used to laugh at the menus we could come up with from the box. I'd have loved the crab meat though.

    Pretty piano piece.

  2. Bloggers who hate blogging! How sad...

    George Winston is cool, that sounds like a fun and worthwhile event.

  3. BBC -Hum- hum.

    Ananda - I would like the crad, too - actually, I bought all the cans and would have eaten them all. The crab is good on a salad. I would have given them JoeAsh's soups - but Hold See did the canned food grabbing.

    laura - they were just sad people in general. my husband says I should have given them my card (of course I don't have one - Anne - Blogger is what it would say, I guess.