Saturday, September 26, 2009

Since I Can't Let Things Go

Room 29 at the end of the pathless path.

My co-worker looked at my previous post and commented that I did not capture the dirt-e-ness of the whole thing. So, of course I had to take dirt-e-er pictures.

I took photos of the journey from my room to the rest of the school.

First, I exit the Speech Therapist's side of the room.

Next I turn right, step down, and go through the pine needles behind the portable.

Oops, duck! Pine branch in the face

This is the first gate I must go through. It has to be kept shut so the little kindergartners don't escape. I turn left and walk across the grass at the back of the kindergarten yard.

Walk, walk, walk on the uneven grass.

Head duck! Watch out!

Another immediate head duck.

More uneven grass.

And the final gate before entering the school proper (if the parking lot at the back of the school is the school proper).

Monday most likely will be another adventure, as they poured concrete today, Saturday, on 1/2 of the path to Room 29.

Who knows what adventure awaits another week?

Keep on keeping on my friends!


  1. Quite a trek. Especially for a tall woman.

    My schedule is changing on Monday. I will be crabby. My changes suck.

    I cannot wait for Dexter.

  2. Think of us all making that journey with you on Monday :-)

  3. Ananda - So how was your new schedule today? I hope it as stess-free as possible. I surely understand being crabby in the face of change. Dennis told me - "Change is like shitting." Helpfu;? It wasn't thgen either, but I still remember it!

    laura - thanks for your thoughts! the new path is beautiful! I can hardly wait for it all to be done. looks like friday it will be done!