Thursday, September 17, 2009

Victory Thursday

I have been back to work for 4 weeks now. Or is it three? Or is it an eternity?

It is all blending into itself. I haven't even started all my intervention groups, but I certainly have had many meetings.

The night janitor said today, "You teachers certainly love your meetings." I responded with something about stinking a needle in my eye.

The victory I would like to share with you is that I bought some of that wonderful peppermint hemp soap that Laura B. reminded me about.

I love it. It is sooo strong and natural. It does not make particularly good shampoo, however, so don't try it on your hair.

I am so happy that I bought a bottle today. It will make my skin happy to have a peppermint wake up in the morning.

Smiling in Coen Land.

You all have a great day, ya hear?


  1. Okay... this is soap in a bottle with little words all over it. Where do you get this soap? Do you smell like peppermint all day long?

    This is my second week and I am starting to settle in. I only have 3 reading groups this year but they are wonderful! I was not expecting wonderful from middle school. Nice.

  2. Ananda - I get the soap at Trader Joes but I am sure that you can get it at any health food store. I doubt that I smell like peppermint all day, 'cuz after I shower I use olive oil for a skin miosturizer and I am pretty sure I smell more like olive oil than peppermint.

    I am so not settling in - I am jealous!

  3. I use the same soap, and it is quite refreshing. It's always a victory when you find something so good. At some point I hope to go to work again.

    Have a good day, yourself.

  4. i once had a boss who was a chain smoker. his meetings were great. after 15 minutes he'd wrap up the meeting and go have a smoke.

  5. I'm so glad you treated yourself! I just love the way that stuff smells and feels.

    Meetings...guh. We get by with one or two a week and that is still one or two too many for me...

  6. olive oil? I'd be tempted to throw some vinegar on you and have a salad...maybe not..

  7. Alien - It is great soap, isn't it? I am so sorry that I have been complaining about work when there are so many who do not have a job. Please forgive me. May you get just the right job at just the right time.

    billy - that sounds like a wonderful situation - smoking bosses and meetings - yes!

    laura - me too on the soap, and it is so strong and soapy - thanks so much for having a photo of it to remind me of what i was missing!

    yellowdog - vinegar is for sunburns, olive oil is for soft skin without petroleum products - i am not a salad - humf!