Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Musings

Another work week.

Here I am at home after work, wondering what to share today. Of course I am tired - working huge gears and wheels is exhausting..........

So I thought that I would share a couple of the cards that I made.

The pictures of the cards do not do them justice - I think it's the crappy background - can you believe I have 2 full sofas and an ottoman covered with that material? What was I thinking? If I ever decide to sell my cards on line, I will have to find a better way to photograph them!

Heh! Well, another day, another dollar! Have a grand week my friends.

Also - Ananda Girl tagged me for Saturday's Scavenger Hunt - the word is YARN.


  1. Okay... I'm such a dork I like that fabric!

    Next time use a dark cloth that will not reflect light and make the cards "pop". Ooohhh... trendy words! (I think I like being a dork better.)

    I love the word YARN and have some good plans for it.

    BTW... love the Van G prints. I'll go feed the fish now. I worry about that gold one, it's looking pale.

  2. I'm not sure I used the word "love" enough. I am so poor that I can't afford any other adjectives you know. Sheesh!

  3. I don't mind the back fabric either (hey, my couch and easy chair sort of resemble very, very soft football leather so I'm not complaining)

    I think your prints are very nice and I think you'd have better success having those photos pop out at a potential online customer if you photograph them head on and not at a downward angle.

    We will be your guinea pigs and when you hit the Hallmark bigtime, don't forget us little people ;-)

  4. You won't be so tired when your body and mind adjust to being on working girl schedule again
    Your cards are lovely. I so admire such creativity.

  5. ananda - love is a very rich word - it shows your inner happiness - also you are very funny - the pale fish is pale - hahaha! i got the van goghs becasue the cow application no longer worked when i came back from my hiatus. hohoho!

  6. Pamela - those fish do eat slowly and sometimes they just swim by food - real fish would do neither

  7. cube - thanks! i will try the head on approach. i also thought about scanning them. hallmark - here i come!

  8. laura - yeah - dream on - i think tried is my new middle name! and thanks for the lovely and creative remarks.

  9. I like the cards, very nice. I do have to agree with you on the background material (you said it, not me).