Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Not So Victorious Thursday

With no official warning, the path to my room at school has been torn up - and yikes - has it thrown me for a loop!

Of course I should have known something was up when I saw OUT spray painted on the asphalt path to my portable - but I just figured they would take their own sweet time before they actually OUTed the stuff.

The first day, Wednesday, I went home covered in dirt. Dirty dirt.

So today in protest, I wore my grubby clothes - black capris, my high end running shoes and one of my tie dyed shirts. (At least I didn't wear a Big Lebowski shirt!)

Today we had to go back and forth through some back gates and then through the kindergarten yard to get anywhere. I am taller than the average bear, and I have to duck under all the trees. Ducking and winding. I don't think that's in my job description!

And bringing all my groups through the secret path to my room has been exhausting, too. We also have to go through the speech room to my room, winding around the chairs and desks. Winding, ducking, opening and shutting gates, tromping through the kindergarten yard.

I was so tired today I almost cried several times!

These are photos from today, before they brought in the dump trucks full of gravel.

Please, give me back the path to my room. I miss the cracked asphalt something awful!

It's a good thing that I don't have the money to remodel my house. I don't think I could take it!


  1. Construction is so messy! Sounds like a major hassle. I have had similar issues with my teeny beans. The K-1 insists on coming through my back door... bringing all the grass clippings with them. I am allergic and do not care for the mess on my new carpet. I'm the door harpy... screeching about my rug. Yep... just like my mother. Sigh.

  2. Ananda - It's funny how that happens, huh? We do turn into our mothers!

  3. Oh that sounds very difficult...and you didn't even get a chance to sort of gird your loins, so to speak, and prepare for battle.
    I hope they get this repair / replacement done very, very quickly and that you will all be able to walk like normal people once again.

  4. they should put in cement so some smart kid can put her initials in it.

  5. laura - exactly! i think that having time to prepare - gird my loins so to speak, would have helped. you are the 2nd person to say gird your loins today. yikes! i wonder what that means? walking like normal people sounds like heaven!

    billy - they poured the first half of the cement on saturday - i wonder if any of the neighborhood kids got to work on it. maybe a few skunk prints! that would be great!