Monday, September 28, 2009

So for whatever reason, I spent a lot of time yesterday reading about and looking at pictures of Fallingwater.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed it in 1935 - right over the top of a waterfall in Pennsylvania. Construction was started in 1936 and completed in 1939. The family used it as a summer home. They spent about 25 summers there and then gave it to the state (I think).

I have always loved the look and idea of that place.

The powers that be in charge of Fallingwater are selling the opportunity to spend quality time in the home. For about 1,700 US dollars you can sit in whatever room you want, and eat a meal on a patio and stay in a housing facility about 1/2 mile away. I do not think I will be signing up for that one.

You can go there for a tour for 17 US dollars. I think I will do that first. As if. I live in California and have no travel plans in the near future. But I would love to go there sometime.

They say that you do not see the waterfall from the home, except on the top level when you are outside on the porch. You hear the waterfall from inside the home however. The house is very damp and moist from the waterfall, too.

The home was designed around at least one tree. I wonder if it is still alive.

This is Fallingwater in the winter. No wonder it was a summer home! Yikes!

I found a great Youtube video - computer generated that shows the process of building Fallingwater - the first 1:34 or so shows the building process.

Also - I found a tee shirt that I want to get for Dandu - since he's working to be an architect.

I tried and tried to import the picture of the tee shirt, but this is all I could do.

So that is my Fallingwater journey.

Happy new week to you all!


  1. It is such an iconic piece of architecture.

  2. I love that one too. But I heard that the moisture problem is killing it and eventually, like it or not, it will not be savable. What a shame. I like the idea of nature and habitat meeting in the middle.

  3. What a beautiful and interesting place. Thanks for all the great pictures and info!

  4. I love Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. The price is a little steep for me. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  5. Ananda - they spent about 2 million fixing it in 2002 or 2003. I think that might have fixed it - but maybe not. Nothing lasts forever, i guess

    laura - you are welcome!

    alien - i love frank lloyd wright stuff, too! i always amazes me that he designed it so long aga, and it looks so modern to my eye. The price is steep for owning, but i could visit occasionally. there are several home in la that i drove by, and looked through the windows of one.

  6. Oh I hope they fixed it. To lose it would be a terrible shame.

    You grew up in an interesting house.

  7. So beautiful. *sigh* Thanks for reminding me that, by comparison, I live in a dump ;-)

  8. That's a cool place. I like the way the house went around the tree. Most people around here seem to want to show mother nature who's in charge. I conform in my frontyard but my backyard is filled with polksalad plants that grew on their own, tomato plants that did the same and vines. Now if I just had a little creek running through it.

  9. It is a really nice place. I had wanted to go there for a long time and went several years ago.

  10. ananda - for multiple millions i sure hope they fixed it! the house i grew up in was 50s modern interesting - i liked it - i wish we could have moved it to a different locale!

    cube - you so funny!

    texla - we can't even conform in the front yard - so now our home, by someone else's design has a parking lot for a front yard - and indeed we have enough cars to fill it. sigh.

    Pamela - I am so jealous! You lucky duck, you!