Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to the Grind

I am now back home from funeral/memorial service/in-law dealings.   Ye-haw!   It is so nice to be back to my normal [vacation] life.

The bad news is:

The bathroom fairies did not paint the bathroom while I was gone - imagine that!

So back to the grind with me.

Lots of prep must be done before painting....holes here, caulk there, mold on the ceiling, etc.  

Today I washed the walls with bleach and Dawn.  I sanded previous patches, scraped things I had not seen before and found - yikes - crumbling wall board (due to improper previous caulking). 
I had planned to get to the painting today - but I still have holes to re-spackle - (as the spackle dries it shrinks and I need to re-fill the holes [with sanding and priming in between]).  I have caulked where water is not involved, I have gone to the big box store to purchase waterproof caulk (so that I may caulk where water is involved), new switchplates @ $6.00 a pop (what was I thinking?) and I have even purchased a new light for the ceiling (I should never have cash....).

I hope to have pictures when the project is done (but don't set you heart on it!).

Let's pretend that's me and that's light blue, light green and white paint I am so attractively spreading around.

You guys are great!


  1. Wow. You have been busy! It's going to look so nice when you get done. All I've done so far is clean. Sheesh. But I'm going to take your previous advice and get to putting the new floor tiles down myself. You have motivated me to leave my laziness behind and get a move on.

    Glad you're home sane and sound. :)

  2. Thanks! I need to get up and back on it now - I changed out of my painting clothes to go to the big box store and now I need to get back in the grubbies and sand away!

    I bet the new floor tiles will look great! Nice new clean floor! Way to go oddles of ananda! Are you taking up what's on the floor now before you put down the tiles?

    Sane, enough, anyway! :)

  3. Yes. I've already done that part. I hoped if I took up the linoleum that he would do the floor. Oh well. so it goes.

  4. You are a busy girl.. Amazing how much work goes into fixing up stuff.. we had a new bathroom put in the year before last and it is really ice to see wall with no mold or cracks..

    I hope your plan of attack goes accordingly..

  5. The darned housecleaning fairies always let me down ;-)

    Sounds like your bathroom is going to look nifty when you're done.

  6. Ananda - I was hoping you didn't have to take up the old lino but I gess you do. That's a project I will have to take up at another time. Have fun laying tiles. I think it should be easy once you have determined the plum line (Which involves math and I would never attack willingly).

    MHW - Wow - a new bathroom must be nice! New paint is part of the way to a new bathroom, but there is the floor, the old sink, bathtub and shower that keep it so far from being new :( I also hope my plan so accordingly, or even close to accordingly. Thanks!

    cube - Why do I keep hoping for the fairies who have NEVER showed up?
    I hope the bathroom looks at least half of nifty. Thanks!

  7. Very attractively indeed!

    Sucks about all the water damage though. In my experience, remaking a bathroom is one of the more satisfying home improvement projects. Hope yours is too.

  8. 3girl - I think painting will have a pretty big bang for my buck (at least that's what the home improvement shows say). Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Oooh, I like your color choices for the bathroom! It does sound like a lot of work, but I'd love to see the finished product.

  10. Laura b -If I find (or buy - they do sell them in stores now) batteries for my camera I will post the finished product. I haven't imported any of my own photos yet, but I am sure that i can do it after some trial and error.

    Thanks for veiwing and commenting!