Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wednesday is the best (don't ask me why) (I know why - I'm taking the Churlita challenge and having summer fun!)

Since you asked for it - more chicken  pictures!

Today, I would like to share my new youtube favorites.  Neither are particularily kind - but funny enough nonetheless.

This is the video I tried to share a while back.  My son's friend (who is now living downstairs at the Casa) filmed this on his digital camera a few months back.  (We have hidden all the air horns here.  Although it might be interesting to try on my hubby - I kid I kid).

This video we found the day after my father in-law's memorial service.  The four of us (Hold See, Jo-ash - formerly known as Gross Back, Hubby and CrazySunny) sat on the grungy motel bed and laughed and laughed and laughed!   I hope you enjoy it as well.  Poor Hawai'i!

Have a grand day!


  1. Ooh, more chickens. I'll take mine breaded and fried up nicely with a side of barbecue sauce, thanks. I'll take some deviled eggs on the side, too.

    The first video...cruel. If it were me as the sleeper, it would be followed up with video evidence of a murder.

    Triumph rules. I like his insults toward the anchor man. Not eve hurricane Isabelle could move that hair.

  2. CrazySunny-- I adore your chickens!

    I remember the video... I searched for it. Poor guy!

    Triumph and I go way back but I've never seen him do the weather before. What a hoot! Good comic relief for a very serious day for you guys. He is so terrible!

    Thanks for sharing these.

  3. allencg - i don't have what it takes to kill the chickens - they usually die of natural causes, like foxes and my dog - yes she is a chicken killer and should be shot - but again, I don't have the heart. so you'll just have to settle for deviled eggs. sorry. Murder does sound like a logical response, and probably justifiable, too. I'm glad you enjoyed Triumph - news guy's hair and Hawai'i should be fair game.

    ananda - Triumph is good comic relief - I especially like this video since it doesn't go too much against individuals - just the whole state of Hawai'i - oh no!

  4. Chickens are so funny. I can't not laugh when I watch chickens walk around and conduct their chicken business.

    The airhorn dude should know better than to fall asleep in a place that contains both a roommate AND several airhorn canisters.

    Triumph was funny. I thought he was going to say that Hawaii was a good state... that he could poop on.

  5. hee hee! Ah, good stuff :-) And I think we should ALL take up the fun summer challenge.

  6. cube - you're right - chickens are funny. everything they do is funny. about the airhorn guy - you are right - you live you learn (i hope he learned) - and i thought triump would say something poopy, too.

    laura b - i agree - let's all have summer fun - ready - set - fun!