Saturday, June 20, 2009

What (Re-Heated) Hell is This?

Laura B. tagged me to do a meme.  

At first I didn't know what a meme was - but I think I figured it out - after all, it's all about memememe.

5 Obsessions

1.  Today I was obsessed to go back to the estate sale I went to yesterday, before my father-in- law's memoral service, to get the 3 dimensional star of David that I didn't buy (or need) yesterday.  I went back - it wasn't there.

2.  Watching bad TV.  I can hardly wait for the final season of LOST to see if my theory about what is going on is true.

3.  My children.  I love them dearly and really enjoy seeing how they are (for the most part) living life waaaay better than I did at their age.

4.  Avoiding organizing my home paperwork.  I will do ANYTHING before that.  I figure I don't have enough money to pay all the bills, so I let them all pile up (and in the meantime, have to pay even more of the money I don't have enough of.  in late fees, etc.)

5.  Relaxing this summer - I have been in school (done now - hooray!) for 4 years getting my clear credential for teaching special education.  I am not teaching summer school and I am going to enjoy this summer if it kills me! 

5 Dislikes

1.  I dislike that I say mean things to people.

2.  I dislike green bell peppers.

3.  I dislike ice tea that is more tea than ice.

4.  I dislike the greed that I see in everyone around me, including myself.

5.  I dislike the heat.

5 Tags

All the female bloggers that I know have already been tagged (Hey I've only been doing this for two weeks) so -

I tag -

1.  dmarks

2.  billypilgrim

3.  3GirlKnight

(If I have left anyone out - [please forgive me] - who thinks I should have tagged them [my this grammar is getting convoluted] - consider yourself tagged.)

Hey - how 'bout -

4.  PatrickO'Neil

and since I am now living in fantasy land, let's see....

5.  Brad Pitt


  1. haha! Aw, I'm glad you figured out the're a natural.

    I hope you do get that great relaxing summer. Sounds like it is well deserved.

    And wow...I really hope Brad responds. :-D

  2. I want Brad's blog address! lol.

  3. Thanks laura!

    Yeah - Brad where are you?

  4. please do! since i am new to this blogging world, i do not know if it is a huge breech in protocal that i asked you - if it is, please forgive!

  5. So, what is your theory about "LOST"? Does it involve Sleestaks?

  6. No, but maybe I will change it!

  7. Ok -my theory has to do with Hugo. Somewhat like St. Elsewhere.

  8. That's what my family thinks! Hummmmm....

    BTW Hugo is the best one.

  9. Ananda - Hugo is ABSOLUTELY the best one!

  10. Hi there...It looks as if you got the whole blogging thing down.. including the Meme part.. nicely put btw..(by the way) so I thought that I would come by (really lurking)lol... to see what you have going on.. I like it very much.. I also wouldn't worry too much about copying these generic templates.. I would like to see some newer ones offered by blogger... As you can see I'm still waiting for that to happen.. Oh and thanks for stopping by my little place... Always encourage new readers..

  11. Thank you M H W!

    Thank you for the compliments and for stopping by.

    I really appreciate it!

    (New templates would be great, btw!)

  12. Good estate sales are hard to beat. Sorry you missed what you wanted.

    Thanks for tagging me!

  13. 3girl - it's true about estate sales - you can get great stuff.... Thank you for thanking me...... It was my pleasure (el gusto es mio). Thanks for following my blog!