Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Pay Day.  I have determined that I will pay bills today.

Aren't you glad to know that?

I would like to share some chicken and garden pictures with you, as well as pay bills.  (I have already walked 1 mile to boot.  What a busy little bee am I!)

Turn your head sideways and you will be looking at part of my small first time garden here at Casa de Refugio.  Our soil is HORRIBLE!  I only put 4 cubic feet of Ammend into this garden, so my expectations are not high.  But here it is. (Sorry for the neck crick.)

And here are some of the ladies at the Casa.  They have not yet begun laying - they were born at the beginning of April.  But it is time for me to get some laying boxes in their coop (I will be dumping some of my school work out of crates and into boxes and giving the ladies the crates.) 

(Please allow me to explain Casa de Refugio - it is the name I have given our home.  I would like our home to be a place of refuge, for myself, my family and our friends. The name came to me years ago and I finally adopted it (with hand painted sign out front and all) within the last year.)

Have a wonderful Tuesday .  May all your bills be paid - with extra left over for you to save and a bit to enjoy!


  1. I love the name Casa de Refugio! Apt, I'm sure.

    Chickens are a passion of mine. I don't have any now... the Bear ran away with my big metal rooster. But I love live ones the most. I cannot have them in the park... darn it. I hope you post lots of chick pics.

    What... people pay their bills on payday? I thought that was the thing we do on the day after we blow most of pay day! hehee

  2. Ananda - I will gladly share more chicken pixs! Thanks for asking. As for saviings - these are things that people in other countries do with their money after they pay their bills and before they spend on themselves. It has something to do with pigs with slotted backs, I thnik

  3. Aw, you and Alien can discuss soil issues...but still, your garden looks quite nice! I like the name of your home too. I tend not to mention the name of our home, as my oldest son bestowed it and it isn't really very nice...but it is funny.
    Your chickens are cute! Make sure to show us their little nests when they start laying :-)
    Oh...and my dream is to someday do this thing called "s-s-s-saving..."

  4. Can you add some mulch to give the ground something to help the plants..? Your garden isn't overgrown with weeds..

  5. i spent a few summers on chicken farms as a kid. my uncles were big chicken farmers, about 40,000 chickens each.

    chicken farming ain't pretty.

  6. laura - I wonder what the name of your home is...hum? ....I will absoluely show you the nests when I displace my paper to make them! Working on the paper mess within the Casa is on my to do list for this week..... Savings, heavy sigh, what can I say (not much!)? Thanks for your support.

    MHW - Mulch is a great idea - don't have any though - that's been on my to do list for ages! - I just noticed today that there weren't any weeds in the garden. Too many rocks, probably! Thanks for stopping by. Come on back now, ya hear?

    billy - I can imagine that chicken farming on a large scale is not pretty. I was thinking that as I was reading - and then you said it!

    I only have 7 little misses and they are poopy messes - but it is arid here and the poop dries fairly quickly.

    ( I hope my chicken comments won't be too horrifying for you, in a Post Tramatic Stress kind of way.)

    Thanks for the visit - you're welcome any time.

  7. You should net some tomatoes as they are a pretty hearty plant. They probably won't look like my dad's plants, but you should get some.

    Keep after the soil. I am taking next year off from a full gardening to work on my soil. I will have tomatoes and an herb garden in the kiddie pool.

    I don't have any chickens, my neighbors wouldn't appreciate it.

  8. Thanks for the encouragement, aliencg! I am hoping for a tomato or two. I will keep on the soil - my flower bed took a few years to get rich enough to support life - I am sure if I mulch and add some more ammend - it will get built up eventually. Kiddie pool garden sounds great! Thanks for the support!

  9. I have a 90lb. German shepherd. You can't scare me off with a little talk about chicken poop.

    Casa de Refugio is a good name.

    We started calling our home Dos Palmas because there were 2 huge palm trees in the front yard. Alas, one died (Una Palma doesn't have the same ring) and then the second one sickened & died (neither does Zero Palmas)... so we're working on a new name.

  10. i guess 90 pound dog poop is scarier than chicken poop - but imagine that poop multiplied by 40,000 chickens! Your palm tree story is very funny (not to say that the loss of your trees was funny - but the way you told it was!) Why do we tend to give our homes Spanish names - wait - i know - it's the only 2nd language i even partially know.

  11. Now you're making me imagine 40,000 German Shepherds pooping. Oh, the humanity!

    I took French in high school and I think we favor Spanish names because French names usually sound gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but 'Palma de dos' just doesn't have the same ring to it. I'm just saying...

  12. Make 'em Triumph - that's not as quite as hideous as German Shepards x 40,000 (well - just forget the puppeter part - yikes!)

    You're right - Palma de dos does sound gay!

  13. I don't know what I was thinking, but in French it should've read 'deux paumes' ... see how much gayer that is.

  14. Take a look at Square Foot Gardening. Google it, you'll find it. You create soil out of peat moss, vermiculate and manure. and my plants in that soil are doing GREAT.